The Alien Action Bundle:

When someone says "Alien", we tend to have a very green mental image. But "alien" doesn't have to mean the little bug-eyed men in flying saucers; it isn't always the enemy in a monster suit, trying to destroy the White House. Sometimes it's an incomprehensible viewpoint, or trying to survive in a radically different place. Sometimes it's simply trying to find a single point of contact between civilisations that are, quite literally, worlds apart. And sometimes it's realising the humanity in others – and ourselves.

Of course, sometimes it is that the slime things from Planet Zorg have attacked again and the world needs to be saved,again. Whoops, there goes New York!

And that's the fun of it.

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Grunt Life by Weston Ochse

"Weston Ochse writes hard-nosed fiction with more grit and imagination than most authors could ever hope to muster. When he turns his skills to tales of the military, the words sing with the truth of personal experience."

– Christopher Golden, #1 New York Times bestselling author of SNOWBLIND

War Machine by Andy Remic

"War Machine is like the collected hardware spank banks of Chris Foss, Neal Asher and Jeremy Clarkson all mashed into one."


Necropath by Eric Brown

"Triumphant and well worth investing your time."

– Goodreads review

World of Fire by James Lovegrove

"The story zooms along at a rip-roaring pace, told in an irreverent tone that perfectly matches the character of our hero. Planet Alighieri is rendered in such believable detail that I almost got a sweat on when Harmer got into trouble on the surface. Lovegrove has got things off to a brilliant start here."

– SF Crow’s Nest

Walking to Aldebaran by Adrian Tchaikovsky

"A masterful combination of science fiction, horror, and a bit of humor. The mood is constantly shifting, the scene ever-evolving, and, in the end, we're left with more surprises than expected. This is truly a must-read."

– Realms and Robots

Steel Frame by Andrew Skinner

"Tight action and riveting plot"

– British Fantasy Society

Kethani by Eric Brown

"Do yourself a favour and read this book before you die. Unlike the characters in Kéthani, you won't get a second chance, and to miss out on this quite extraordinary novel would border on criminal negligence. What we have here is a bona fide timeless classic. Thoughtful, thought-provoking and charming, it could have been written any time in the last 100 years (give or take a few references to mobile phones and Euros) and still be just as emotive."


Green Jay and Crow by DJ Daniels

"That old, old question – what does it mean to be human? – is given a new configuration by DJ Daniels: what does it mean to be human or otherwise? And it's the otherwise that really counts, in a brilliant story that celebrates existence and survival on the newfound edges of life, and love. The fight back against disposability starts here!"

– Jeff Noon, Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author of Vurt and the Nyquist series



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