The Aurora Award Bundle 4, curated by three-time Aurora Award Winner Douglas Smith: Here's another chance to own, at an incredible bargain, ten books that readers like yourself have already voted to be the best examples of speculative fiction published in Canada. I'm once again curating an ebook bundle for StoryBundle of winners and finalists for Canada's premier speculative fiction prize, the Aurora Award.

The Auroras are awarded annually by the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association (CSFFA) for excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Introduced in 1980 as the Casper, it was renamed the Aurora in 1990. I'm honored to have won the award three times and to have been on the final ballot another sixteen.

This Aurora bundle again delivers a great mix of speculative fiction genres: SF, fantasy, science fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, as well as young adult. The titles once more reflect the long history of the Auroras, spanning over two decades of Canadian speculative fiction from 1995 to 2016.

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Shadow of Ashland by Terence M. Green

"A love story, time travel epic, ghost story, labor history, road novel and a bank heist, all with the added touch of Steinbeckian metaphysics. For me it was the surprise of the year, a rich evocation of 1934 small-town Kentucky that winds up completely unpredictable."

– The Edmonton Journal, “Top Fiction Pick of the Year

Fallen Angel by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

"All in all this is a great book, Bedwell-Grime writes well and I am looking forward to seeking out more of her work."

– Hagelrat, Unbound! for Fallen Angel

Resurrection Man by Sean Stewart

"Stephen King meets Ibsen. Trust me."

– Neal Stephenson

The Lake and the Library by S.M. Beiko

"Part fairy story and part ghost story, The Lake and the Library is a satisfying fantasy novel with enough suspense and mystery to keep the reader guessing."

– CM: Canadian Review of Materials

Enter Night by Michael Rowe

"[A] major new talent. Michael Rowe is now on my must-read list."

– Christopher Rice

Martyrs by Edo van Belkom

"Van Belkom effectively uses familiar elements of horror to explore issues of self-sacrifice, forgiveness, and redemption … rises above most other books of its sort, and is a solid contribution to Van Belkom's body of work."

– Locus

Napier's Bones by Derryl Murphy

"In Murphy's version of reality, magic is in the numbers, and the details. Present-day action spins out in surprising directions, touching on history, poetry, mathematics, and myth. I was reminded of Tim Powers at times, but this is Powers on speed, weird, wonderful, and fast. Stock up on snacks: you'll be reading this book in a single sitting."

– Holly Phillips, author of The Engine’s Child

Strange Bedfellows by Hayden Trenholm

"Here is a collection that goes straight to SF's love or argument. These tales ask: what's going wrong? What might get worse? And how might things get better…if we learn to argue well?"

– David Brin, author of Earth, The Postman and The Transparent Society

Second Contacts by Michael Rimar and Hayden Trenholm

"One of many great stories in Michael Rimar and Hayden Trenholm's Second Contacts anthology. Peter Wendt's "Get the Message" features a ticking clock, the impending destruction of the human race and an appeal for help that falls on deaf ears – or equivalent to ears – in species across the galaxy. With a brilliant balance of humour and tension, "Get the Message" shows how being on your own ain't necessarily a bad thing."

– Amazon Review

End of an Era by Robert J. Sawyer

"Audacious, informed, and compelling — displays the author's breadth of imagination and humanity. It's not too much to say that this is one of the most accomplished SF novels of the last 10 years."

– Quill & Quire



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