USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp grew up in an enchanted forest, and the library was her second home. Later, she discovered that books weren't the only portals to magical worlds, and she spent several years immersed in computer games. Unsurprisingly, her bestselling Feyland series is a portal fantasy, where a high-tech game opens a gateway to the treacherous Realm of Faerie.

In addition to faerie folklore and gaming elements, Anthea's stories include plenty of magic and adventure. Her longer works usually have a lighter tone, but she enjoys the opportunity to peer into the shadows that short fiction affords.

Feyguard Books 1-3 by Anthea Sharp

FEYGUARD Books 1-3

High-tech gaming meets the treacherous magic of the Realm of Faerie in this litRPG series packed with adventure, gaming, epic quests, and a touch of romance.

SPARK - Pro gamer Spark Jaxley risks everything to journey deep into the Realm of Faerie to save a computer hacker, only to find out he doesn't want to be rescued...

ROYAL - When a new girl attends Crestview High, Roy Lassiter can't help being drawn to her, but she carries a dark secret that could destroy his world.

MARNY - Marny Fanalua heads to the big city, glad to leave the creepy magic of the Realm of Faerie behind, but discovers there's no escape from Feyland...

Bonus story 1 - Brea's Tale: Arrival - Find out a bit more about the mysterious Brea and how she came into the mortal world.

Bonus story 2 - Trinket


Anthea Sharp writes delightful fantasy. Once upon a time, I would have told you that fiction about gaming has been done to death. But Anthea managed to find something new and astonishing in an old trope. After you finish Feyland Guards, go find the Feyland series. You'll love them both. – Kristine Kathryn Rusch



  • "As with the original Feyland trilogy, the world-building is fantastic… The plot was so fast-paced that although I intended to only read a few chapters, I ended up finishing the whole book in one sitting."

    – The Mad Reviewer (Spark)
  • "This was a beautifully put together novel that I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend to fantasy lovers of all ages. The world that Sharp presents to her readers is breathtakingly beautiful and extremely easy to fall in love with. I definitely couldn`t put this one down even for a second."

    – Pure Jonel (Royal)
  • "Best Feyland book yet! We love that the heroine is a tall, strong Samoan girl who owns her distinctive look and style. Author Anthea Sharp does such a good job in contrasting the slick, high-tech futuristic feel of the real world in the city of Newport and the more formal, otherworldly, dreamy with a dark edge Faerie land."

    – Bubble Bath Books (Marny)



The Dark Queen of the Realm of Faerie paced over the moon-dappled mosses before her tangled throne. Her skirts flared out into gossamer shadows, and diamonds sparkled in her black hair like tiny, cold stars, capturing the light of the sickle moon high overhead. Every step she took snapped with frustration, and the creatures of her court flinched as the reverberations of their queen's anger echoed through the realm.

Even the powerful horned hunter and his red-eyed hounds stayed at the far edges of the clearing, the star-tarnished oaks at their backs. The court musicians stood in a huddled trio, fingers quiet upon their instruments. Only the fearful whispers of the denizens of the Dark Court sawed the edge off the silence.

The queen halted, the still before the storm, and the last whispers died. From the darkened pathway a figure made of shadows came; a knight bearing an enormous blade. He strode past the violet bonfire, the flames licking eerie reflections on his black armor; past the feral and nameless creatures of the court, past the hollow-eyed banshee, and the sharp-toothed goblins with their caps of blood.

"My lady." He went down on one knee and bowed his black-helmed head in supplication.

"What have you found?" Her voice was shaded with wrath.

"It is as you guessed. The opening between the mortal world and our own remains but a thin crack. Nothing has changed since that gateway was closed through deceitful mortal and fey means."

"Curse the Elder Fey!" She clenched her fists, and frost striated the velvet-deep mosses beneath her feet. "We are no more than beggars for the scraps of dreams, where once we were feared across every human land. There must be a way to enter the human world freely, and harvest the essence of our power."

"If there is, we will not discover that means in the realm, my lady."

The queen's eyes narrowed. "Then we must find someone who can. Surely there is one among the mortals who would bend to the needs of the realm."

She whirled, and the fey folk cowered from the sharpness of her smile.

"Scouts, keep watch on the faerie ring. Soon enough, a human will stumble into the Dark Realm—and when they do, we will be ready. This time, there will be no escape."