KC Green has drawn comics since he was little. He’s recently gotten pretty good at them. He does comics and stories at gunshowcomic.com and writes for the Regular Show comic book at Boom.

Anime Club by KC Green

Four kids on a jounrey through Friendship and back. The Anime Club kids are notorious for being not well liked around the library or the school, but that’s okay cus they got each other. OR DO THEY? Sorta. It goes back and forth. Collecting parts 1-5 of the entire saga and a load of extra material to make a big mess. Now all in big color. GET A BIB.


There are over 9000 laughs in this brilliant graphic novel about strained friendships, geek angst, and the bizarre world of Japanese fandom. – Geoffrey Golden, The Devastator



  • "Green is a instinctive joke teller and cartoonist, quick with a goofy scenario and a crazy face."

    Lauren Davis
  • "It’s a pretty accurate take of how outcasts will impose their will and get “revenge” on whatever small circle of power they have, and a story that feels more relevant than it should in the state of current comics fandom."

    Joe Stando