Kenny Keil is a writer and artist. His work has appeared in MAD Magazine, Vibe Magazine, and The Devastator. His other works are Rhyme Travelers, Death Trip, and Tales to Suffice. He's also a stay at home dad and gangster movie enthusiast. He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and son and 0 cats. Kenny has received numerous awards, including a spelling bee trophy in 2nd grade.

Tales to Suffice by Kenny Keil

HEY YOU! Do you crave adventure? Suspense? Romance? Well GOOD, because this book is chock full of that junk!

Introducing GIANT-SIZED TALES TO SUFFICE, a jam-packed comic anthology that lovingly skewers this crazy medium we all know and love!

This 124 page, full-color tome collects the first 3 issues of TALES TO SUFFICE, including lots of never before seen material!

"If there’s a Saturday Night Live of comics, this is it…" - Weekly Comic Book Review

Written and drawn by Kenny Keil


This graphic novel has everything: Action! Suspense! Romance! Adventure! Drama! But mostly top quality gags. – Geoffrey Golden, The Devastator





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