Andrea Pearson, co-host of the popular Six-Figure Authors podcast, has published over two million words under three pen names, including 40+ novels, several non-fiction books, multiple novellas and short stories, and over a hundred articles for professional blogs and websites. She is a regular instructor for WMG's Business Master Class for Authors, and she was executive director for Indie Author Hub for a year and a half. Learn more about her at

Rock-Solid Newsletter by Andrea Pearson

Are you an author who is wanting to get more out of your newsletter list? Do you struggle knowing when and what to email about? Do you wish there was a guide that could help you build a successful, healthy, and motivated group of readers?

The Self Publish Strong series, written by successful indie author Andrea Pearson, gives you up-to-the-minute advice on building your brand, publishing, and marketing your own books.

In Rock-Solid Newsletter: How to Grow a Successful List of Devoted and Enthusiastic Readers you will discover:

1. Where (and how) to find quality subscribers
2. An automatic drip campaign that will sell your books for years
3. How to structure your newsletters and how often to send them
4. How to create good subject lines and great content
5. The best readers to target for a healthy list
6. A fool-proof system for getting reviews
7. How to build a strong street team

And much more, all in a succinct, down-to-business manner.

Take the guesswork out of the self-publishing process. Get Rock-Solid Newsletter now and continue building your author career.



  • "This is a short book, but it's jam-packed with useful information ... I would recommend it for both beginner and more advanced writers who want to make their newsletter list into a rock-solid asset."

    – Shelley
  • "Whether you're just starting a newsletter or revamping the one you have, you need this book! ... It provided great ideas I haven't seen anywhere else."

    – Lisa Nowak
  • "This book is 100% pure marketing gold. As far as I'm concerned, it should be recommended reading for every indie author."

    – E.G. Michaels



I Know Where and How to Find Subscribers …What Next?

"The race does not always go to the swift, but often to the ones who keep running."


The rest of the book will go in depth into what to do with your subscribers once you have them. I've broken the topics into individual chapters:

•How to Structure Your Newsletters
•How Often to Contact
•Subject Lines
•Content (and Ideas for It)
•Poll Results
•Street Team
•List Cleanings

How to Structure Your Newsletters

Objective for Emails

The emails you send your readers need to show that you are a human, that you have a life, and that writing isn't the only thing you do. The amount of personal information you include is completely up to you, but if you only share things about books, they won't feel a connection with you and will think you're only interested in selling to them, which is spammy. In almost every email I send, I include pictures of my kids (not their names), things we're working on at home, and the trials we're facing that affect my writing.

When someone feels like they're on your side, it's much easier and more natural for them to cheer you on and help you out. Even if they don't buy your books (and you will have plenty of subscribers who won't), they'll assist you with pushing them and in promoting the events you're involved in. A couple of my biggest supporters and helpers haven't ever read anything I've written, apart from my emails. Shame on them! ;-) :-) (We're working on it. :-)) Remember, though, that even if they aren't reading your books, they still can help out in some way. And if you keep nurturing these relationships, they'll eventually become your readers.

Let readers know you enjoy hearing from them. The one-on-one conversations will help them feel valued, and there will be a higher chance of them downloading or helping in some way. Plus, having them respond increases the chances that your emails will be delivered to them.