USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Berchiolly is a screenwriter and filmmaker currently living in the Seattle area.

As a black woman with dwarfism, her purpose in life is to write engaging, vivid stories full of fun and snark, often showcasing BIPOC and/or disabled characters.

When she's not writing novels and screenplays, she's spoiling her bird, providing endless jump scares for her partner, or baking wackadoo things like cakes with pies inside.

Train Bound to Forty by Stephanie Berchiolly

One Destiny. Two Fiendish Fae. Three Badass Witches.

When Florebelle Fairfield's life unravels, a solo trip to quaint Orphic Cove, Maine, leads to an astonishing discovery—magic exists!

Thrust into a secret world, Florebelle finds herself caught between warring supernatural factions. To survive, she leans on found family and fortifies her inner strength. But will embracing her true self and the power of her witchy friends be enough to evade sinister forces?

Train Bound to Forty blends paranormal adventure with one woman's journey of overcoming trauma to find empowerment. Fans of urban fantasy and gothic romance will be drawn into the rich world-building and relatable heroine.


USA Today Bestselling author and filmmaker Stephanie Berchiolly enchants with the first book in her paranormal women's fiction series, Scenic Magical Midlife Tour. Florebelle Fairfield must navigate found family and a factious secret magical world in Orphic Cove, Maine. – Zelda Knight



  • "This novella draws you in and doesn't let go. The characters are relatable and feel like old friends. Quintessential PWF with a fresh storyline and midlife issues women can appreciate. I'm sure there are many more adventures to come with Flora and the gals, and I can't wait to read them."

    – AC
  • "Filled with magic, fae, witches, and friendships that never end, as well as snark, and peril. Jareth? Wow!! Yum! Every person's dream guy! Can't wait to see what the trio of strong women are up to next! A must-read for anyone who loves paranormal romance and food."

    – Melissa
  • "An amazing first book in this new series. I Love Flora and her BFFs, Star and Amira. Ms. Berchiolly has a fantastic imagination and a wonderful way with words. Counting the days to read book 2."

    – Larisa




The ride to Orphic Cove proved even more pleasurable than our time together on the train. The conversation flowed. Flora was energetic, bouncy, charismatic, and so full of life. I'd never been fortunate enough to meet anyone as open and authentic before, either. She was a wide-open book and made me feel safe enough to reciprocate. It was refreshing.

Our two-hour drive flew by in the blink of an eye. My stomach grumbled when we passed the "Welcome to Orphic Cove" sign. It made me realize I'd been a self-centered jerk.

"Are you hungry? Clancy's is open for another hour. They actually have the best food in town."

"I'd love to, but I really think I should check into my B and B. Don't want to tempt the fates, find out they have a curfew, and end up sleeping on the lawn or something."

"Yeah. Sure. Of course." My shoulders slumped, and I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel, at a loss for words. I didn't want the night to end and had a niggling suspicion I should stick around for a bit. But I couldn't think of any rational reasons to keep by her side. "I'll drive you over now."

We turned onto the long driveway to the Fairy Hill Bed and Breakfast less than five minutes later. I did my darnedest to carry her bag inside. Maybe I could find out what room she was staying in at least.

She thwarted me once we got to the steps leading up the huge, freshly painted white porch, stopping so fast, I almost ran into her. Flora extended her hand toward me. "Thanks! I really appreciate everything you did for me today."

I took her raised hand. "Maybe we can see each other again before you leave town?" I brought her hand up to my lips and kissed the back of it. She smelled like honeysuckle and lavender.


She hesitated, peering into the darkness behind me. Her hand fell limp to her side. She crossed her arms over her chest and continued staring off into the distance. "Maybe."

Message received. She was just not that into me.

My arm swung forward so she could take her suitcase. She broke her protective stance and grasped the handle. Our fingers touched for a moment, and that telltale tingle of hyperactive nerve endings returned.

Before my actions registered, my hand reached out toward her face, and I felt her soft curls on my fingertips.

* * *


I was going crazy.

I saw him over Jareth's shoulder. Stephen.

He was right there, clear as day, spotlighted by moonbeams at the edge of the forest across the street. Stephen looked directly at me right before he dashed into the woods.

Goosebumps covered every square inch of my skin. The rush of blood in my ears was all I could hear as my heart raced. I mumbled something to Jareth, distracted. I reached out to grab the handle of the suitcase he was holding out for me. My mind was going a mile a minute, full of chaotic thoughts that all stopped when I felt Jareth's hand in my hair. In shock, I jerked away.

"Bit of fluff." He looked at me sheepishly as he showed me absolutely nothing pinched between two fingers.

"Thanks again for the ride."


A black cat stood, poised to jump, on the railing of the large white porch, with its back arched and mouth open wide, greenish-yellow eyes glinting in the moonlight. The door scraped and creaked, a warm gust of wind followed, blowing past me with the pleasant aroma of warm fall spices.

"Florebelle Fairfield, I presume? Welcome. We're so happy you made it."