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I've spent over 20 years chronicling stories about how video games are made, the people who make them, and the culture surrounding them. Two decades seemed the right time to reflect on my work, and to open my archives to you, my fellow readers and gamers. For the first time, you can find nearly all of my books about video games in one place—the Chronicles of Craddock Game Book Bundle!

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Stay Awhile and Listen - Book 2 by David L. Craddock

"Stay Awhile and Listen shows that there was a potent mixture of talent, opportunity, and personality that drove the meteoric rise of Blizzard Entertainment from its earliest days."

– Julian Gollop, creator of X-COM: UFO Defense

Stay Awhile and Listen - Book 1 by David L. Craddock

"David Craddock's Stay Awhile and Listen masterfully retells the tale of the game development Camelot created by the founders of Blizzard Entertainment."

– Richard Garriott, creator of the Ultima series

Shovel Knight by David L. Craddock

"The chapters just fly by. Highly recommend!"

– Amazon review

Rocket Jump by David L. Craddock

"The article grew into a whole book! I'm glad David persisted in prodding me to get thoughtful answers to his questions. "

– John Carmack

Red to Black - The Making of Rogue Legacy by David L. Craddock

"Amazing book, would read again."

– Amazon review

The Gairden Chronicles Book 2 - Point of Fate by David L. Craddock

"By the end of the book, I had gained a newfound appreciation for Aidan and each of his friends, and for the skills, strengths, and weaknesses they brought to the group. I'm eagerly looking forward to their next adventure."

– Amazon review

One-Week Dungeons by David L. Craddock

"An entertaining, race-against-time narrative."

– Kobo Review

Once Upon a Point and Click by David L. Craddock

"Whereas Williams is more focused on the company itself, and less on the games, Craddock focuses more on the games and a little on the company."

– Amazon review

Monsters in the Dark: Special Edition by David L. Craddock

"Reading Monsters in the Dark was like traveling back in time to one of the great periods of PC game development. David not only tells the untold story of X-COM's development, but the incredible adventure its creators underwent to bring the game to life. "

– Chris Taylor, creative director of Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander

Monsters in the Dark: The Making of X-COM by David L. Craddock

"Monsters in the Dark is an engaging history of not just X-COM, but of Julian Gollop's path to creating one of the cornerstones of strategy gaming."

– Soren Johnson, lead designer of Sid Meier's Civilization IV

Long Live Mortal Kombat: Round 1 by David L. Craddock

"David's passion for Mortal Kombat is evident in this very enjoyable and heavily researched history."

– Warren Davis, co-creator of Q*BERT

Kool Stuff by David L. Craddock

"Long Live Mortal Kombat is utterly comprehensive, delving into the behind-the-scenes details of A wonderful telling of the story of Mortal Kombat. Craddock puts you in the room with the creators and players who breathed life into the most iconic fighting game of them all."

– Jamieson K. Price, actor (Naruto, Persona 5, Mortal Kombat 9, 10, & 11)

The Gairden Chronicles Book 1 - Heritage by David L. Craddock

"The characters are well drawn and yet have surprises up their sleeves."

– Amazon review

GameDev Stories 2 by David L. Craddock

"By giving bedroom hackers equal billing with company founders, Craddock successfully illustrates the tremendous breadth of voices behind the creation of video games. Taken as a whole, Craddock's interviews masterfully weave together the artistry, business, and humanity of game development into a work that explains what game development is far more successfully than any individual could ever hope to."

– Frank Cifaldi, game developer, founder of The Video Game History Foundation

Driving Through the Dark by David L. Craddock

"David Craddock's work to capture the trials and successes of the digital entertainment industry and the people who drive it is both inspiring and important. Capturing these stories, these struggles, allows us to reflect on where we have been and help shape the journey we will share into the future."

– Richard "Lord British" Garriott, creator of the Ultima series

Dialogue Box - Oral Histories of Video Games by David L. Craddock

"The scale of this is amazing. Holy shit, seven months of interviews, and it just shows everywhere."

– 2018 Kunkel Awards Nominee: Excellence in Feature Writing

Beneath a Starless Sky by David L. Craddock

"If you are a gamer (especially CRPGs), and love reading behind the scenes accounts of the gaming industry, this is it."

– Amazon review

Arcade Perfect by David L. Craddock

"A crucial yet overlooked part of our industry's past is the art of the arcade port to console. David's book sheds light on the stories of some of the biggest games that made that transition and is a must-read for anyone looking to understand the process."

– John Tobias, "ko-kreator" of Mortal Kombat

Angels, Devils & Boomsticks by David L. Craddock

"I love David's engaging and insightful writing on the making of games. He has a deep knowledge of the gaming industry, and a riveting style that puts you right in the middle of the story, like you were a fly on the wall during development."

– Scott Miller, founder of Apogee/3D Realms



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