The Fall Ball Game Bundle, curated by David L. Craddock:

As the weather turns chilly and the scents of falling leaves and woodsmoke perfume the air, StoryBundle's Fall Ball Game Bundle invites you to fill your dance card with nine DRM-free books about game development and culture. Hit the dance floor while you can: the Fall Ball Game Bundle is available for a limited time on StoryBundle!

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HG101 Presents: Star Fox and F-Zero by Kurt Kalata

"A must buy for any fan of these series. It has great background coverage on both series plus some extra similar games. This book also introduced me to many retro games that influenced or were influenced by Star Fox and F-Zero."

– Amazon Review

Level Up! A JRPG Creator's Handbook by John Harris

"If you want an understanding of RPG Maker, this book is the place to start. The lengthy appendices chronicle some of the most memorable titles in the genre and are worth reading alone even if you're not an aspiring developer."

– Matthew Green, & Power Button podcast

The Walkthrough: Insider Tales from a Life in Strategy Guides by Doug Walsh

"The Walkthrough is not only a great story. It's a time capsule I'll return to when my eyes land on my strategy guides and I grow nostalgic, and want to feel like that kid who used to sneak strategy guides into class and get swept away in tips, tricks, cheat codes, and pro strategies."

– David L. Craddock, Author of Arcade Perfect

Beneath a Starless Sky by David L. Craddock

"The scale of this is amazing. Holy shit, seven months of interviews, and it just shows everywhere."

– 2018 Kunkel Awards Nominee: Excellence in Feature Writing

Boss Fight Books: NBA Jam by Reyan Ali

"It is incredible how much of an influence NBA Jam had, and now it is carefully curated in this book. If you've ever played a game of NBA Jam, you owe yourself to hear the story behind this game."

– Old School Gamer Magazine



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