The Summer Smash Game Bundle, curated by Simon Carless: Picture, if you will, a secret bookshelf. Three times a year, behind a special oak panel, it's refreshed with a ton of fascinating books about video games, as if by magic. Those books span gamuts, from fascinating anthologies to wonderful cultural histories, all the way to single-book drill downs on some of the best video games in history. But how - you may ask - would you get access to this wonderful magic bookshelf?

Well, it turns out that if you just log on to the Internet and go to the StoryBundle website, these so-called 'Video Game StoryBundles' run thrice in a calendar year, and the latest one, available at a 'pay what you want' prices and including exclusive tomes on Undertale & ROM hacking, & the first-ever eBook version of the acclaimed Indie By Design interview/profile book, is available... when? When? Right now, good Sir!

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Critical Hits by Zoe Jellicoe

"It seems a whole new generation of writers and thinkers have grown up and now want to give videogames the same robust treatment normally reserved for literature, film and art theory … It's about time, and seemingly leading the charge over here is editor Zoë Jellicoe."

– The Thin Air

The Offworld Collection by Leigh Alexander and Laura Hudson

"This is, no lie, the book of games criticism I have been waiting for: poetic, nuanced, thoughtful, insightful, genuinely representative, often moving, and super inspiring. I'd call this a rare gem of a collection, and entirely worth reading for ANY lover of video games, though especially those who see games as an expressive and emotional form."

– Goodreads review

Somebody Set Us Up the ROM, Part One by John Harris

"John Harris takes you on a tour of your favorite classic games as you've never seen them before. There is impressive creativity and talent in these hacks." – Matthew Green

Fallen Down - Heartache & Compassion in Undertale by Joel Couture

"Couture's book perfectly encapsulates what makes this game so special. It's well worth a read for anyone that enjoys this indie classic."

– Elizabeth Henges, RPGSite

Independent by Design by Stace Harman and John Robertson

"There's an uncompromising quality to the book."

– The Sixth Axis

Once Upon a Point & Click by David L. Craddock

"If you want to know more about the history of the franchise and its importance, I strongly recommend reading David Craddock's series. First-class material."

– Gaga Games

Boss Fight Books: Kingdom Hearts II by Alexa Ray Corriea

"A stunning look at the thematic story of friendship, loss, self-worth, and redemption"

– Knotty Gamers



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