The Retro Wonder Game Bundle, curated by Simon Carless:
The first Video Game StoryBundle of 2018 is a massive one, since we have three brand new game history/analysis ebooks you can't get anywhere else, as well as some amazing overlooked & sought-after tomes based around retro video game goodness.

Some of the biggest highlights for this bundle include exclusive ebooks on Hideo Kojima's 'lost classic' horror title P.T., on the Doom franchise's amazing start and triumphant 2016 return, and on unlikely gems for the Atari 2600/VCS (including, yes, E.T the Extra Terrestrial!)

We also have a truly wonderful book on the history of the Xbox, a complete look at the rare Famicom Disk System and its games, and a trilogy of Douglas Adams-style novellas about a retro computer/game collector, as well as rare games revealed from the Unseen64 crew and a look at the historical heroines that come in game protagonist form.

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21 Unexpected Games to Love on the Atari VCS by John Harris

"20 Reasons explains that in its prime, the Atari VCS (or 2600, as I knew it) was doing things the public had not thought possible, and yet, it existed under staggering limitations. The book looks at the ways in which VCS games turned these limitations to their advantage and gets you, the reader, thinking about creativity and limitations. The experience of reading it is both like a themed meditation and like a quirky tour."

– Jim Kang

Stairway to Badass by David L. Craddock

"Holy Hell and Back! David Craddock wrote a book on Doom and it's great!"

– John Romero, co-founder of id Software and co-creator of Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake

Game of X - Vol 1.: The Untold History of Xbox by Rusel DeMaria

"Rusel achieves the nearly impossible by cutting through the noise and through the fog of history to bring you the true events that gave birth to Xbox: The highs, the lows, and even a few things that might have been better left forgotten. There's so much here that even those of us who were there at the beginning never knew. I suspect the man must have the world's only working time machine. I can't recommend this book enough."

– Kevin Bachus, Xbox co-founder

Heroines of Gaming by Christian Cardenas, Dylan Altman and Trista Payte

"Their love for gaming and their roles in academia pushed CSUN alumni, Dylan Altman and Christian Cardenas, to work on projects that raise the level of discourse about video games. Altman and Cardenas released their new book "Heroines of Gaming," an anthology that delves into female characters in video games and the impact on players."

– CSUN Sundial

The Ambivalence Chronicles - Bit#1: The Chip Whisperer by Steve Trower

"If you like the distinctly off kilter flow of Adams' early Hitchhiker stories this series will appeal to you. It's got that kind of disjointed shifting perspective on the setting that gives the feeling that neither characters nor reader have quite a clear idea of what is happening. The author is clearly a pop culture fan and has even made a contest out of spotting the large number of references in the story."

– Amazon Review

The Ambivalence Chronicles - Bit#2: The Kempston Interface by Steve Trower

"I thoroughly enjoyed The Chip Whisperer, so was really looking forward to Bit#2, and once again Steve has entertained me with his wit and easter eggs. An excellent read!"

– Clive Townsend, creator of Saboteur!

The Ambivalence Chronicles - Bit#3: The Road Worrier by Steve Trower

"Retro-computing, sarcasm and the humour of Red Dwarf mixed with a knowing side-salad of Monty Python are all here, and if that grabs you, then I reckon you'll really these books.

You don't even have to be of "a certain age" to appreciate them, although I'll admit it was pretty much a mirror of my childhood.

If you enjoy road movies with a healthy dollop of geek culture, you can't go wrong here."

– Facebook Review



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