The Cats! Bundle, curated by Kristine Kathryn Rusch:

On Facebook the other day, someone wrote: I signed up for the 2020 90-day free trial and I would like to cancel my subscription. Yeah. It's been a heck of a year, these past three months.

And what do people do in tough times? They run to cat memes. On the day that I write this, #QuarantineCats is trending on Twitter, not because cats need to be quarantined, but because cats are stuck with their shelter-in-place humans and are not happy about it. Especially since humans are practicing social distancing these days, and as a result, cats are getting more hugs.

This StoryBundle is the written equivalent of cat videos. Only better, longer, and with more plot. You'll find all kinds of cats—cats who save the world (using magical powers), cats who solve mysteries (simply by being observant), cats who facilitate romance (because that's what cats do [mostly to keep us from bothering them too much]). Aloof cats, cuddly cats, mysterious cats. If you want a cat, you'll find one right here.

Read more about the 10 books in the bundle here—which includes SIX StoryBundle exclusives not found anywhere else—and make sure to click on each cover for a synopsis, reviews and preview of each book.



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Whisper Bound by Bonnie Elizabeth

"…I fell in love with the characters, especially the alien cat Zari"

– Amazon Review

Life, With Cats by Annie Reed

"One of the best writers I've come across in years. Annie excels at whatever genre of fiction she chooses to write."

– Kristine Kathryn Rusch, award-winning editor and writer of The Retrieval Artist series

Cats Triumphant! by Jody Lynn Nye

"A great sense of humor."

– Piers Anthony

The Charming Trilogy, Vol. 1 by Kristine Grayson

"Grayson uses smooth prose and humorous, human characters to create a delightful, breezy tale perfect for anyone who truly enjoys happy endings."

– Publishers Weekly

Five Feline Fancies by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

"Only a true cat lover could have written the crisply written and witty mystery, What Fluffy Knew from a cat's perspective. All the writing is as good as it gets making this cat lover purring with delight."


Fiction River Presents: Cats! by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

"[Fiction River] is one of the best and most exciting publications in the field today. Check out an issue and see why I say that."

– Keith West, Adventures Fantastic



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