The Realm of Faerie Bundle, curated by Jamie Ferguson:

Enter the Realm of Faerie, a world of beauty, danger, and enchantment. But remember the legends if you want to make it back home again…

The tales in this bundle are set in worlds like Tír na nÓg, Annwn, the Otherworld, Elfame, as well as in our own—for there are places where the boundaries between worlds grow thin, and one can pass over as easily as stepping across the threshold of a door. There are queens, mermaids, and monsters. Bargains are made, and secrets kept. Duels are fought, curses laid, and wishes sometimes come true.

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Tales of Arilland by Alethea Kontis

"A veritable badass fairy princess."

– Jim Butcher

Daughter of Winter by Amber Argyle

"If this is your first volume of the series, you may miss some of the nuances of the history of the realms and their inhabitants. But you'll still be drawn into a spellbinding tale of the powers of winter and the imminent collapse of a system spinning out of Balance. Love, loss, friendship and betrayal all feature as a young girl strives to break free of her cold, enchanted world."

– Amazon Reviewer

Faerie Song - Ten Magical Tales by Anthea Sharp

"Dark and lyrical, it is everything a dark fae tale should be. The writing is expert. The author deftly weaves strands of faerie sorcery around the reader until escape is impossible."

– Miranda (Fae Horse)

The Fey - Books 1-3 by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

"A very good, very large fantasy...nicely done and with a particularly satisfying and unexpected resolution."

– Science Fiction Chronicle on THE SACRIFICE

Mr. Drake and My Lady Silver by Charlotte E. English

"...a charming fairy tale read. Ms. English has a talent for adult fairy tales."

– Amazon Reviewer

Faeborne by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

"As the story unfolds we are introduced to a skillfully layered tale of fantasy fiction. In what ultimately becomes a wonderful love story, Seren introduces a beauty and light into Brennon's formerly dark and somber world. This book earns our recommendation and has received the Literary Classics Seal of Approval."

– Literary Classics Book Awards

The Faery Chronicles Book 1 - Faery Novice by Leslie Claire Walker

"What a great start to this series! Fast paced this has an awesome plot, fab characters , hidden worlds and romance and is a great page turner! Well written this magical faery series will hook you and reel you in, I can't wait to read the next book!"

– Debbie, review

Primary Fault by Sharon Kae Reamer

"I stayed up all night reading this excellent book because I could not - and did not want to - put it down. Primary Fault is a dark and subtle entry into the fantasy genre. It will grab hold of you with the very first sentence, and will not let go, even after you turn the last page. It will leave you satisfied, curious, fascinated, and in awe. It will make you want to reread it right away, and it will make you eagerly await the sequel. If you like fantasy at all, read this book."

– San Francisco Book Review

One Dark Summer Night by DeAnna Knippling

"Captivating from page one. If you are a fan of King or Koontz, you will love this book. If you like paranormal reads, you will like this book. Definite must read."

– Amazon reviewer



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