The Black Girl magic Bundle - Curated by Zelda Knight:

Running from Black History Month to the first day of Women's History Month, the Black Girl Magic StoryBundle is sure to enchant! Containing a curated selection of bestselling authors, award-winners, and rising stars, this bundle explores the unique ways Black girls (and women) are magical, even within fantastic settings.

Each story features a Black girl or woman on a mission, from young adult supernatural mysteries, dark fantasy adventures, paranormal women's fiction, lesbian vampire romance, new adult urban fantasy, and so much more!

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Train Bound to Forty by Stephanie Berchiolly

"This novella draws you in and doesn't let go. The characters are relatable and feel like old friends. Quintessential PWF with a fresh storyline and midlife issues women can appreciate. I'm sure there are many more adventures to come with Flora and the gals, and I can't wait to read them."

– AC

Return to Hoodoo by Reggi Dupree

"Gwen's fearlessness and humor made the magic believable. I loved the warm family dynamic of the cousins and the red hot smoldering tension between Gwen and Ash. And every heroine needs a ride or die friend like Kyle."

– Reader review

Prophecy Trilogy: New Moon by Liz Bullard

"This book was excellent. The writing transported me to another world while yet making me feel so much of myself in Tabatha. Can't wait for the next installment!"

– Goodreads Review

Fury Rising by Kish Knight

"I started reading this book because the description drew me in. LOVED it! Its a different storyline than I've ever read, where the 'bad guys' are the main characters...."

– Reader review

Shadow's Debt by Danni Williams

"After everything she endured at the hands of her family, she never imagined she'd be sold into marriage to pay a debt to a noble vampire - the daughter of the dragon alpha.

There's action, adventure, sex, evil rulers, plotting and more. I hope there will be a continuation to this specific story. This was a great read!"

– Reader review

Between Two Seas by Cerece Rennie Murphy

"In Between Two Seas, author Cerece Rennie Murphy has written 4 short stories that speak to the black experience related to oppression, rage, excellence, and power. But most of all, the overcoming of everything this wicked world lay in their path. The writing is excellent and the mix of genres ensures quality entertainment while making you think, which is the very best kind of reading experience in my opinion. Absolutely check it out!"

– Amazon review

Deathly Touch by C.C. Solomon

"Yes, I am an adult, but I loved this book. It had the best romance, so sweet and tender."

– Reader review

Blood Spells by Alicia Ellis

"A near perfect YA full of magic and mystery and friendship."

– Reviewer

Alice and the Voodoo Queen by K. R. S. McEntire

"The elements of Alice in Wonderland are so creatively imagined into the world of voodoo. It was a wonderful quick read."

– Goodreads Review



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