The African Speculative Fiction Bundle - Curated by Ivor W. Hartmann:

This is the most comprehensive collection of African speculative fiction authors ever assembled. With the complete bundle containing nearly 100 authors and over 145 works it stands both as an excellent introduction to the rapidly evolving canon of African SF and a unique one-time collection of their works. From established stars you might know such as Nnedi Okorafor, Tade Thompson, and Sarah Lotz, to upcomers like Wole Talabi, Chinelo Onwualu, Nerine Dorman, Dilman Dila, and so many more.

The road to this bundle has been paved by the work of countless African writers, editors, publishers, and most importantly readers. For too long was the African experience, imagination, and insight, held captive and until relatively recently only glimpsed through the thick lens of other cultures and their inherent biases. In a big way this is what the new wave of African Speculative Fiction is about: telling our own stories, revealing our vibrant cultures from within, sharing our unique perspectives, and writing ourselves into futures that for so long seemed to spell our doom by virtue of our absence.

In this vein, the charity giving chosen for this bundle is the African Speculative Fiction Society, to help with the tireless unpaid work of this collective NPO. The ASFS was formed in 2016 and primarily at present is focused on the Nommo awards. The awards are nominated and voted upon by ASFS members for excellence in four Speculative Fiction categories. The importance of these independent awards and the ASFS as a part of building a robust and diverse homegrown African SF canon cannot be overstated nor underestimated.

Read more about the 10 books in the bundle here, and make sure to click on each cover for a synopsis, reviews and preview of each book.



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AfroSFv1 by Ivor W. Hartmann

"AfroSF will serve as an admirable antidote for all those who have to be reminded that Africa is a continent, not a country. Both the stories and the authors are as diverse as any reader could wish...Looking over this broad's clear that this anthology has lived up to its ambition...highly readable and enjoyable stories that take the raw materials of science fiction and give them a different spin...Although it is coming from a small press, it would be lovely if this anthology were to get some of the wider attention it deserves."

– Karen Burnham, Locus December 2012

Lagos_2060 by Ayodele Arigbabu

"These stories engage with science and governance, city infrastructure and climate change, co-evolution of technology and social norms, urbanization and the future of global capitalism. Yet these scholarly themes emerge from stories that are first and foremost exciting, often romance-filled adventures. There are man-eating frogs and time-travel inducing herbs, girls with luminous tattoos and zero-gravity bedrooms, albeit in separate stories…

– Review

A Killing in the Sun by Dilman Dila

"A Killing in the Sun is a truly stunning début collection by Dilman Dila. One that will not only stand as an underivative keystone in the new wave exploration of Science Fiction and Fantasy by African writers, but keep you riveted from the first page till last with his magnificent worlds and deeply fascinating characters with compelling stories, all firmly rooted without compromise in our highly unique African perspectives and mythologies."

– Ivor Hartmann, writer, editor, publisher at AfroSF (GoodReads)

Kabu-Kabu Stories by Nnedi Okorafor

"In her first collection of short fiction, Nnedi Okorafor draws on the same combination of resources that have given her a unique voice—African trickster tales, post-apocalyptic scenarios, distant planets with societies influenced by Nigerian mythology, tales of young Americanized Nigerians confronting their ancestral culture in visits to Africa . . . There is playfulness and wonder in these tales, but also some sobering realities."

– The Chicago Tribune

Terra Incognita by Nerine Dorman

"Most of the stories in these two volumes articulate the relationship between globalized first-world culture, with its expectations of fiction, genre, and style, and various African localities, with their hardly pristine cultural specificities. Most of them reek of history and seem to be cast in a post-apocalyptic mode. They are not post-apocalyptic in the way British cosy catastrophes, Hollywood blockbusters, and incessant zombies have taught us to think of what comes after the end of it all. They are documents of the postcolony, and as Mad Max: Fury Road's Namibian locations remind us, that is also, and always already, the post-apocalypse.

They are what comes next."

– Mark Bould, LA Times review

AfroSFv2 by Ivor W. Hartmann

"AfroSFv2 is not only as entertaining as all hell, it's a smorgasbord of top-class imaginative storytelling, originality, superb writing and searing social critique. If this is the future of speculative fiction, we're in safe hands."

– Sarah Lotz, author of Day Four

AfroSFv3 by Ivor W. Hartmann

"The third in this pioneering series with an honour roll of some of African writing's biggest names contributing. Unmissable."

– Geoff Ryman, author, awarded the Nebula, two-time Arthur C. Clarke, three-time BSFA, two-time Canadian Sunburst, as well as the Campbell, Philip K. Dick, and James Tiptree Jr., awards

Jalada 2: AfroFuture(s) by Jalada Africa

"This is the kind of classic science fiction I really enjoy and it was my favorite of the issue.I'll be nominating this one for a Hugo. Highly Recommended."

– Wole Talabi on Ivor Hartmann’s Last Wave (Jalada AfroFuture(s))

Omenana to Infinity by Omenana

"Omenana magazine stands as one of the foundation platforms for African SF and this anthology is a fantastic cross-section of the excellent works they have published."

– Ivor W. Hartmann

Imagine Africa 500 by Billy Kahora

"Imagine Africa 500 is a smart and engaging addition to the growing number of anthologies of African sf, not quite as literary as Nerine Dorman's Terra Incognita, nor quite as pulpy as Ivor Hartmann's AfroSF collections. Billy Kahora, The Story Club and Pan African Publishers are to be congratulated for setting this all in motion, for their commitment to developing new writers, for their efforts to address the domination of African sf by South Africa and Nigeria – Imagine Africa 500 includes five authors from Malawi, four from Uganda and one from Botswana, as well as three Nigerians and two South Africans – and by male writers – two-fifths of the stories are by women, which is not parity but is heading in the right direction."

– Mark Bould



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