The Hopepunk Bundle - curated by Adam Gaffen: What is Hopepunk, you ask?

It's a subgenre of speculative fiction, so it includes fantasy as well as science fiction, and it's a reaction to the dystopian views that grimdark novels have. Where grimdark is violent and amoral, hopepunk stories feature characters who fight for positive change, communal responses to challenges, and even radical kindness. It's an intentional ray of sunshine in what could be a bleak literary landscape. It's taking a stand because it's right, not because it's profitable. It's rebelling against an oppressive regime to improve everyone's lot, not just your own. It emphasizes cooperation over conflict while realizing that a Happily Ever After isn't guaranteed.

And it's everywhere.

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The Adventures of Wil Calder by John Wilker

"The adventures of Wil, the Ghost and its crew are highly recommended. In fact, this review will not be lengthy, only because i want to immediately get the next book for myself. Hurry up and buy this book, you Won't be sorry!"

– Reader review

The Left Hand of Dog by Si Clarke

"A deeply heartfelt story … Clarke understands the peculiar magic that is addressing a serious topic without taking oneself seriously in the process, and wields wit and wordplay with enviable skill. Pratchett and Adams fans, take note."

– Tyler Hayes, author of The Imaginary Corpse

The Stars and Green Magics by Novae Caelum

"A powerful tale of intrigue and identity, duty and desperation, The Truthspoken Heir traps its well-written leads in endless paranoia amid scheming royals, star-crossed lovers-to-be, and the unraveling of carefully laid plans—and maybe a galaxy-spanning empire—by one rebellious heart."

– Gregory D. Little, author of The Last Humans

Red Dot by Mike Karpa

"Karpa presents a warmly optimistic take on the future in which climate change is manageable and artificial intelligence is soulful rather than sinister, as illustrated in deftly funny sketches … Mardy's artistic process showcases a similar humanism, and Karpa's attentive, evocative prose revels in the fusion of technical craftsmanship and intuition…"

– Kirkus Reviews

Tanis Richards: Shore Leave by M. D. Cooper

"This was my first Aeon 14 book to read and I loved it! Already bought the next one.

The action is nonstop and I love the AI/human interaction. If you love strong female characters, space adv nature's with action then this is the book for you. It definitely was for me."

– Teresa Mac on Amazon

Children of Arkadia by M. Darusha Wehm

"Wehm writes novels of ideas in which the ideas genuinely matter… [I]t's a pleasure to see political and ethical questions, so often relegated to the background in science fiction, allowed so much scope to drive the story."

– David Larsen, review, New Zealand Herald

The Ariadne Cycle - Boxed Set by J. Scott Coatsworth

"A science fiction novel with a classic premise that delivers drama, action, technology, and heart. I haven't felt this way after reading a sci-fi book since reading an Asimov or Heinlein novel. Coatsworth is to be congratulated for capturing the spirit of those writers and creating a new tale that will make readers look to the stars."

– Sci Fi Pulse on The Stark Divide

The Andlios Collection - Books 1-3 by Dave Walsh

"It's a classical space opera mixed with some ancient Rome + medieval Scandinavia. A fascinating juxtaposition and difficult to pull off but Walsh makes it work."

"It's a classical space opera mixed with some ancient Rome + medieval Scandinavia. A fascinating juxtaposition and difficult to pull off but Walsh makes it work."

– Matt Saccaro on Cydonia Rising

City of Kaus: Books 1-3 by Dani Hoots

"Revenge is a science fiction adventure story that is fun to follow and is easy to get lost in."

– 5 Star Literary Titans Editorial Review

The Road to the Stars by Adam Gaffen

"The book strikes a fine balance between action and dialog and provides a very exciting and satisfying ending."

– Reader review



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