The Horror Bundle from Word Horde, curated by Molly Tanzer:

We are fortunate enough to be witnessing a lush flowering of horror. From New Weird to throwback splatterpunk, the modes and expressions of the genre these days are as diverse as its writers. Whether you're intimately familiar with the contemporary horror field, or just looking to dip your toe in a very deep—and monster-infested—pond, this bundle of horror novels and collections from sensational independent publisher Word Horde is not to be missed. You're sure to find something strange, something scary, something transgressive, something that jumps out at you and demands to be reckoned with.

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Corpsepaint by David Peak

"David Peak captures the apocalyptic tension gripping the world today, one that is also expressed on several levels by the microcosm he has chosen to focus on: black metal."

– Invisible Oranges

Beneath by Kristi DeMeester

"…a brilliant Cthonic horror fantasia full of creepy religion, grief, pain, sorrow and snakes."

– Gemma Files, author of Experimental Film

An Augmented Fourth by Tony McMillen

"Wildly entertaining … McMillen has a knack for dialogue."

– Gabino Iglesias, LitReactor

A Sick Gray Laugh by Nicole Cushing

"…an intense and uncompromising literary voice.."

– Rue Morgue

A Hawk in the Woods by Carrie Laben

"Carrie Laben is a monster—they don't even make writers like this anymore. You will be reading her name for decades to come."

– Cara Hoffman, author of Running and So Much Pretty

Memento Mori - The Fathomless Shadows by Brian Hauser

"I want to tell you about Brian Hauser'sMemento Mori. I want to tell you about the fanzine that reopened the door, and the memoir, and the lost films. I want to tell you about the medium being the message. How that message is transmitted, and how it can be transformed through translation into different—new media. How the message is corrupt and corrupting, infected and infectious. I want to tell you about Tina Mori, and C.C. Waite and the disappearance of Billie Jacobs. I want to tell you these things and how they all spiraled together into a coherent wave of madness. But I can't. Brian Hauser won't let me. It's not my place. I have seen—but you must see—must read—for yourself. Come and see. Say that you will. Please. Will you come?"

– Pete Rawlik, Editor of The Chromatic Court

Stonefish by Scott R. Jones

"Scott R. Jones is a genuine master of horror."

– Ramsey Campbell

Furnace by Livia Llewellyn

"Llewellyn's mastery of psychosexual horror puts her in the conversation with Ballard and Tiptree, Jr. when it comes to fearless, ferocious, and important literature."

– Laird Barron, author of The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

Guignol & Other Sardonic Tales by Orrin Grey

"…a veritable smorgasbord of horrific thrills and chills. […] This collection is a must-read for hardcore fans of horror…"

– Publishers Weekly

The Fisherman by John Langan

"John Langan's The Fisherman is literary horror at its sharpest and most imaginative."

– Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and Survivor Song

The Human Alchemy by Michael Griffin

"Michael Griffin's stories snag and drown readers by degrees, fast or slow, every sequence a new section of reef lying in wait for unwary navigators, especially those trained to expect the usual horror tropes. In other words, damn this stuff is Weird."

– Gemma Files, author of Experimental Film

The Raven's Table by Christine Morgan

"The Raven's Tablefinds the horror at the heart of Viking culture. The stories scare you silly and creep you out at the same time that they shed real light on life in the medieval North. Want to know what it really felt like to live in the Viking Age? Read this book!"

– Michael D.C. Drout,  Professor of English and Director of the Center for the Study of the Medieval at Wheaton College

The Unnamed Country by Jeffrey Thomas

"A modern classic … on the level of Lafcadio Hearn or ltalo Calvino."

– GreyDogTales

Vermilion by Molly Tanzer

"Vermilion is a unique, hearty, thought-provoking romp that rewrites history with a vivacious flourish."

– Jason Heller, NPR

She Said Destroy by Nadia Bulkin

"Bulkin delivers a dose of delicious darkness with her debut collection."

– Silvia Moreno-Garcia, New York Times bestselling author of Mexican Gothic



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