The Best of the Indies Bundle - curated by John G. Hartness: How do you pick "the best" of anything? You can't. Not really. I can't pick "the best of the indies" because I haven't read all of the indie books out there. But "This Awesome Selection of Really Great Self-Published and Small Press Books by a Killer Mix of Debut Authors, Award Winners, and NY Times Best Sellers" was too big to fit at the top of the website. So this is "The Best of the Indies!"

Are these the best books written in the last few years by self-published or small press authors? I have no idea. Are they really, really good books from self-published or small press authors, ranging in experience from debut novels (The Children of Menlo Park) to the 24th novel from a multiple award winner and best seller (Burning Shakespeare)? Yes. One hundred percent. This sampling of awesomeness has everything you could want in a fistful of books, from comedy to drama to mystery to action to love to despair.

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The Fixer by Jon F. Merz

"Lawson is like Jason Bourne with fangs..."

– Booklist

Of Blood and Ashes by Kyoko M.

"The first book was excellent. Somehow, Kyoko M. surpasses it in the second volume. Our big three characters continue to grow (Faye is my favorite!) and we get even more details on dragons and their history. My elevator pitch for this series would be: It's Jurassic Park, but with dragons and the dragons are never really contained.

Here we've got our mains pursuing Baba Yaga as it tears through Japan, kidnapping, revenge, love, betrayal, and more. It's an incredibly well-told tale that I enjoyed front-to-back. Highly recommended."

– J.W. Warwick

Kill Three Birds by Nicole Givens Kurtz

"In KILL THREE BIRDS, Nicole Givens Kurtz introduces us to a stunningly original world, and people unlike any we have encountered before. Her avian-based society is fascinating and unique, her characters memorable and compelling. Throw in action, snappy dialogue, and a captivating mystery, and you have a narrative that soars. Highly recommended."

– D.B. Jackson, author of the Islevale Cycle and Thieftaker Chronicles

Amazing Grace by John G. Hartness

"A modern Southern Gothic with charming characters—living and dead. Hartness expertly blends a sinister, small-town murder with the warmth, humor, and innocence of a cozy mystery. Lila Grace is an entertaining amateur sleuth. Highly recommend."

– E.J. Stevens, award-winning author of the Ivy Granger Psychic Detective series

Get Bent! by Rick Gualtieri

"Truth of the matter is that this is fantastic. Its a great story, light and engaging, while moving at a pace that keeps you engaged throughout the whole story. Glad I went ahead and picked this one up. Do yourself a favor and do the same."

– Reader review

Of Cinder and Bone by Kyoko M.

"The author takes time to develop the characters and their relationships, which becomes important and the story moves along. Pete the dragon is the catalyst that forces the characters to examine their feelings about each other and their world. There's action and romance, but what I love most about Of Cinder and Bone is the dialogue. Kyoko M is a master at bringing her characters to life through conversation and witty exchanges."

– Milton J. Davis, author of Changa Safari and From Here to Timbuktu, June 6, 2020



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