The Secrets and Lies Bundle, curated by Kristine Kathryn Rusch:

Nothing makes for a better foundation for a crime novel than a secret. The best way to keep a secret? Tell a lie. That’s why secrets and lies go so well together. Every book in this bundle contains a secret, which means lies fill all of them as well. In this bundle, bestselling, award-winning authors from around the world bring crimes from around the world, sometimes adding a supernatural element.

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A City of Broken Glass by Rebecca Cantrell

"In this fourth novel in a superbly written historical mystery series, Rebecca Cantrell once again tells a fast-paced story about the indomitable Hannah Vogel, a journalist, mother and fervent anti-Nazi Berliner…Set against the haunting backdrop of Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, the novel holds many surprises for Vogel, who becomes trapped in Berlin with Anton and a former lover. Cantrell drops you into 1930s Berlin, and the fear and chaos swirl around you."

– USA Today

Dead Hand by Dean Wesley Smith

"…Dean Wesley Smith draws a royal straight flush by making the hand he deals readers seem possible with this exhilarating political poker thriller…"

– Midwest Book Review on Dead Money

Spies - Special Edition by Fiction River

"…high quality throughout."

– Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine on Fiction River Special Edition: Crime

Secrets & Lies by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

"Kristine Kathryn Rusch's crime stories are exceptional, both in plot and in style."

– Mystery Scene Magazine

Fear and Longing in Los Angeles by Mark Leslie

"Mark Leslie's tongue in cheek wit shines through his tale, giving a bonding sense of pleasure in getting to know – and follow - his central character through his antics. This is a gratifying story on many levels, one that deserves a wide audience. Highly recommended."

– Amazon Review

Nothing Personal by Lauryn Christopher

"...Christopher turns the hit-man formula on its head, and in doing so gives us a surprising and entertaining read."

– Big Al, Big Al's Books & Pals

Delirium by J.F. Penn

"JF Penn descends into the darkness, leading us into the depths of human nature to expose our inherent flaws."

– Icy S

Souls Lost by Bonnie Elizabeth

"The characters were as flawed as the real people. The story was tripping a d kept me reading…"

– Amazon review



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