The 2021 NaNoWriMo Writing Tools Bundle, curated by Kevin J. Anderson:

Each year, as countless determined writers, both aspiring and professional, look at November as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, we put together a grab bag of helpful books that cover all aspects of writing, from craft, to business, to indie publishing, to marketing. This year is no exception.

Presenting a world-class StoryBundle of 16 books that will help you up your game as a writer. Plus, if you meet the bonus price, you can also get discount coupon codes for the ebook editing apps Jutoh 3 and Jutoh 3 Plus!

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Be a Writing Machine by Michael La Ronn

"I read a fair amount of books on writing craft and marketing. Generally, I take away at least a pearl of wisdom from each book. After reading Be a Writing Machine I felt like I walked away with an entire string of pearls, with a gold clasp at that."

– Amazon reviewer

The Coffee Break Novelist by Kevin McLaughlin

"This book focuses on how to write in the little time you have daily, and I love it for that because that's what I find myself doing a lot of times. I like that he mentioned various ways to pull off such feats, such as including voice recognition and using programs on your phone. That was pretty neat."

– Reader review

Slushpile Memories: How NOT to Get Rejected by Kevin J. Anderson

"This book is a valuable resource for writers who want their SF&F stories professionally published."

– Amazon Reader

Furry Fiction is Everywhere by Ian Madison Keller and Mary E. Lowd

"Lowd and Keller did a fantastic job with this guide. It's well-organized and well-edited. I liked that the introduction broadens the view of furry to encompass types of literature you may not have thought about as furry. Then, once you're intrigued, it is sliced into bite-sized parts that are easily digestible and fun to read."

– Ardy Hart, Furry Book Review

The Strategic Author's Guide to MailerLite by Erika Everest

"If Newsletter Ninja is the "what to do and why" manual, this book is the "how" — showing folks which buttons to push and which levers to pull to take that newsletter philosophy and actually apply it to their own newsletters. It's an absolute must-have for any author, beginner or experienced."

– Tammi Labrecque, author of Newsletter Ninja

Successful Indie Author Release Strategies by Craig Martelle

"What this book does is help you, the fledgling author, learn the mindset, the whys and the what behind having a productive launch."

– Reader review

Self-Publishing for Authors by C. A. Price

"I am a self-published author, and this book has everything I need in one place. For the price of less than one tutorial, this compilation will save you many hours of searching. Price knows how to market books, and there is so much useful information in here it is like gold."

– Fran Driscoll, Author

The Indie Author's Bible by Christopher D. Schmitz

"The info here is invaluable to new authors. I've been self-publishing for awhile now, and this work would have helped me immensely back when I stumbled my way through learning and errors. (It would have saved me hundreds of dollars!)"

– Reader review

30-Day NaNoWriMo Prep Workbook by C. Michelle Jefferies

"C. Michelle Jefferies has put together a helpful workbook to aid in NaNoWriMo preparation. She has filled the workbook with the basic structure of how to write a book and to do so within the prescribed 30-day NaNo time frame. She has brought clarity to the structuring of the storyline and dug deep helping the writer develop characterization, world building, setting, time frame, themes, change, plot developments, crisis points, and resolution. Her advice will take the mystery out of planning and plotting a story and how to move through the book following a set story structure and maps it out so the writer will be prepared to begin writing on November 1st. C. Michelle, takes the frightening overwhelm out of starting a story, writing it, and progressing to a positive ending, or horrible ending depending upon genre expectations."

– Carol Ann Olsen

Killer Content by Andrea Pearson

"Andrea's professionalism and experience really shine. Versed in both high-level concept and on-the-ground implementation, she knows how to help authors understand the tools and strategies they need to take charge of their book marketing."

– Anthony St. Clair, freelance writer & author of the Rucksack Universe series

Novel Writing Prep by Monica Leonelle

"I love this book! At first, I thought I knew the answers to the questions— but when I put pen to paper to write out my answers, I discovered how deep those questions really were. I would highly recommend this to any writer who knows the basics about storytelling."

– Jennifer Hall, Amazon reviewer

Shut Up and Write by Natasha Khullar Relph

"I love this book- couldn't put it down after downloading last night. I follow Ms. Relph's blog and find her writing style unique- she's confident, conversational, and funny!"

– Reader review

Survival Kit for Writers Who Don't Write Right by Patricia McLinn

"Seldom do people enjoy "how to" books. But Ms. McLinn's sense of humor and blunt content really kept me reading. Whether you outline or don't, preplan or go with your gut, you'll not only like this book, but get some valuable tips."

– Amazon Review

8 Steps to Side Characters by Sacha Black

"Another edgy, witty guide by Sacha Black. With her distinctive writing style, Black explores side characters, giving writers the knowledge to create each character in a balanced and fascinating way. Black writes non-fiction you can't put the book down. This is the ultimate guide to side characters."

– Kristina Stanley, CEO of

Marketing Strategy for Authors by Tao Wong

"I wish someone had given me this book years ago when I started out as a writer! It would have helped me avoid many mistakes and pitfalls. Full of wisdom and good advice. I highly recommend it to new writers. But even veterans like me can still learn something new from Tao Wong!"

– Anna Mocikat, internationally published author of Sci-fi and LitRPG



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