The 2017 NaNoWriMo Writing Tools Bundle, curated by Kevin J. Anderson: It's marathon season for writers again. Each year, November is "national novel writing month," or NaNoWriMo (as the hip kids call it). As aspiring and professional writers get into training for blasting through the process of writing an entire novel in 30 days, I've put together a set of excellent books on all aspects of writing craft, career skills, and indie publishing skills. Some of these are general works on honing some aspect of your craft, others are real nuts-and-bolts How To guides on vital software used by writers and indie publishers.

Not only is there an exclusive book by Kevin—Writing as a Team Sport: Reflections on the Art of Collaboration—found ONLY on StoryBundle, there are twelve other vital guides to make your writing month a success.

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Time Management by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

"[Kristine Kathryn Rusch's blog,] The Business Rusch…is full of sound advice and analysis about what's going on."

– Jeff Baker, The Oregonian

The Magic Bakery by Dean Wesley Smith

"Dean Wesley Smith's blog … is somewhere to see what's going on in the industry and how you can use it to your advantage, a place to hear that it's okay to write and submit quickly, and a blog where hard numbers are discussed. Even if you don't agree with everything that he says, it's worth reading his blog just to think about where and how much control you have over your own career."

– Vision Magazine

Blood From Your Own Pen by Sam Knight

"As an editor of slush piles, I wish I could make reading this book a required prerequisite. As an author, this book has been invaluable in helping me submit professional manuscripts. The chapters are short and get straight to the point, packing this book full of advice. It is a must have for beginning authors, and a great reference and reminder for the seasoned author. If you plan on submitting your story somewhere, definitely get this book."

– J.L. Zenor, author and CEO of The Midnight Writers

Excel for Self Publishers by M.L. Humphrey

"The power of this book is that it inspires and helps self-publishers see themselves as a business and provides them insight and tools to help them be successful in the business of selling books."

– Dariel Garner, Serial Entrepreneur

The Unofficial Scrivener Workbook by Michael J. Carlson

"The best instructions for the best writer software on the market."

– Robert C Lockridge

Hurting Your Characters by Michael J. Carlson

"A detailed, well-organized book written by an MD who is also a science fiction writer. I whole-heartedly recommend it"

– Anne Larson

How to Make a Living With Your Writing by Joanna Penn

"Thanks to [Joanna's] advice, I successfully self published my first novel. I recommend this book (and all of Joanna's books) to anyone serious about making a living with their writing. I'm now on my fourth book and leaving my job to write full time next year."

– Caroline Mitchell

Story Structure and Master Chapter Outline Workbook by C. Michelle Jefferies

"I've been struggling to fill the holes and address others issues with the plot of my rough draft, so I read this book straight through, hoping it would give me direction. It was a huge help!

I would suggest reading it all the way through, and then skim through it again while you write your post-it's and note cards."

– Carrie Jacks



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