The 2022 Pride Bundle - Curated by Catherine Lundoff and Melissa Scott:

It's time for another queer-themed bundle to celebrate Pride! This year, we have five books in the main bundle, and another ten in the bonus, for a total of fifteen if you spring for the bonus. Once again, winnowing it down to a manageable number was ready hard — there are so many writers out there who are creating intelligent, nuanced and queer SF/F.

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Lord of the White Hell by Ginn Hale

"Hale weaves an unforgettable story of adventure, love and personal growth…"

– Diana Denza, Lambda Literary Report

We're Here by C.L. Clark & series editor Charles Payseur

"Clark and Payseur have selected a solid set of stories, sometimes touching, many of them memorable."

– Arley Sorg, Lightspeed

Unfettered Hexes by dave ring

"With such a breadth of style, tone, and types of magic on offer, any speculative fiction reader will find something to enjoy, though queer fans will be especially moved by the inclusivity, heart, and nuance here. This deserves to be savored."

– Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The Adventure of the Dux Bellorum by Cynthia Ward

"This is the modern, feminist, queer version of a Boy's Own Adventure story, and Ward brings it all together in a satisfyingly explosive and emotionally meaningful conclusion."

–, Liz Bourke, Sept 25, 2018

The Adventure of the Incognita Countess by Cynthia Ward

"Cynthia Ward brings readers an entertaining historical fiction enhanced by references to various fandoms alongside actual historical figures: Major Archibald Butt, Sherlock, Captain Nemo, Countess Karnstein, and let's not forget heat rays and other Martian technology. Ward deftly incorporates details that heighten the realism of Harker's bizarre cross-genre world, from Harker's dismissal of classism, to the clean energy of the Martian-inspired Titanic engines. Lucy's philosophical musings and delectable vocabulary recall the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle while delving into questions of emotion and personhood, responsibility and morality, in a way that emphasizes the dehumanization of the other—the other species, the other class, the other gender."

– Michelle Ristuccia, Tangent Online

Sanctuary by Andi C. Buchanan

"An intricate exploration of community and consent, now with ghosts! Andi C. Buchanan's SANCTUARY presents neurodivergent and disabled found family in a haunted house where people can feel welcome regardless of their corporeality. But can and should people trust every newcomer? When unexpected phenomena rattle the house, even those who aren't easily spooked have a cause for concern…

SANCTUARY is unapologetic about being true to yourself, thoughtful about being kind, and it provides you with new ways of fitting into the world when the world doesn't quite fit. An indispensable book in the new wave of neurodivergent speculative fiction, and a refreshing take on ghost stories too; don't miss it."

– Bogi Takács, Hugo and Lambda award winning author and editor

It Gets Even Better by Isabela Oliveira and Jed Sabin

"This anthology does what it says on the cover, offering up stories of queer joy, possibility, and belief in a better future... with the unifying theme being a sense of hope that even in the midst of dark times there is a light and things will get better. Overall, it's an incredibly strong anthology."

– A.C. Wise, Nebula-nominated author

The Hereafter Bytes by Vincent Scott

"Vincent Scott's comedic sci-fi novel The Hereafter Bytes blends laugh-out-loud moments with thematic depth. Toss in colorful, memorable characters and some pulse-pounding action and you have a smart, funny, thought-provoking read."

– Tabitha, Book Club Babble

Water Horse by Melissa Scott

"Scott's complicated world fills up space, spills off the edges of the page into uncharted territory. It feels real, satisfyingly deep—and at the same time, those tantalising hints of other stories, other histories, made me intensely curious for more. I read Water Horse in a single afternoon's sitting, in a year in which I've frequently struggled to finish novels, or even start them at all. Deft and atmospheric, with Scott's trademark elegant prose, Water Horse is an engaging delight."

– Liz Bourke,

The Sea of Stars by Nicole Kimberling

"The writing is simply wonderful… Elegant and crisp prose, well crafted and nuanced characters, and an intricate plot."

– Kassa, Three AM Reviews

Foxhunt by Rem Wigmore

"Foxhunt is an incredibly enjoyable, fast-paced romp at the same time as it is a story that delves deep into the heart of its protagonist. That heart yearns even as it steels itself, and the yearning slow burn of the romance is delicious. It's a bright look at the future, with smart worldbuilding and for me, a wonderful introduction to the genre of solarpunk."

– Rainbow Bookshelf

The Language of Roses by Heather Rose Jones

"Retelling folk tales runs the risk of, well, retelling folk tales. New words but the same essential elements. Jones' version keeps enough of the well-known plot to be familiar, while taking the narrative on an unexpected tangent. I was suitably surprised."

– James Nicoll Reviews

Pangs by Jerry L. Wheeler

"There's magic in the pages of Jerry L. Wheeler's Pangs, and it's not just the paranormal goings on that taunt, tease, and push his characters deeper into adventure. The prose enchants, exposing the reader to bleak wonders and radiant dread, while sparks of humor crackle through the narrative. With a charming and fresh voice, Pangs lures the reader from the intoxicating streets of New Orleans across a shimmering threshold into another, fantastical realm. The story offers the erotic and the horrific, the vicious and the sublime. It is entertaining in every way."

– Lee Thomas (Lambda Literary Award and Bram Stoker Award winning author)

Depart, Depart! by Sim Kern

"Depart, Depart! grabbed me from its first, tense page. Noah's story of losing and finding community amid disaster, guided by the unreliable ghost of a traumatized ancestor, is too compelling to put down. Kern's writing is fierce and fearless, equally dextrous with portraying apocalyptic climate change or the joy of a queer dance floor when a DJ starts spinning Beyoncé. I'd say this novella isn't for the faint of heart, but it's for all of us trapped in unravelling situations, facing the seemingly intractable binary of being safe and alone, or vulnerable but together."

– Nino Cipri, author of FINNA and HOMESICK



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