The 2021 Adventure SF Bundle, curated by bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson:

Everybody loves Adventure science fiction. Take your e-reader to other worlds or distant galaxies, clash with alien races, explore strange environments. I've curated a bundle of terrific Adventure SF epics, thirteen books for as little as $20, and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Challenger Learning Centers for Space Science Education.

This bundle includes a brand new edition of my gritty Mars novel Climbing Olympus, as well as the first volume in Kevin O'Donnell, Jr. classic "Journeys of McGill Feighan" series, Caverns, a novel in the epic Four Horsemen series, Jen Finelli's gigantic new space opera, Neodymium Exodus, and many more.

Read more about the 13 books in the bundle here, and make sure to click on each cover for a synopsis, reviews and preview of each book!



  • Support awesome authors by paying however much you think their work is worth!
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Prometheus Outbound by Steve Ruskin

"It's like the sequence at the end of Aliens, where Sigourney Weaver gets in her Power Loader exoskeleton... only make that the whole movie."

– D.J. Butler, Dragon Award Winning Author

Climbing Olympus by Kevin J. Anderson

"I would recommend this book to to anyone who enjoys science fiction. The thing about Kevin Anderson is that he does not bring myth and magic in to his novels so they all portray a conceivable future." – Amazon Review

Neodymium Exodus by Jen Finelli, MD

"The fascinating characters matched with inventive biological details makes this an adventure that's sure to enthrall."

– Publishers Weekly

Writers of the Future Volume 36 by David Farland

"This hefty, competent anthology showcases 12 consistently solid short stories, each accompanied by a full-color illustration. A worthwhile survey of new voices in the field."

– Publishers Weekly

Queen of Sidonia by Richard Fox

"This has all the elements of a mystery novel. There is danger at every turn. There is royal intrigue. A real cliffhanger awaits at the ending."

– Amazon review

The Altrean Legacy by Nick Thacker

"This book is awesome and packed with action and suspense. I will definitely be reading more of this series. Lovers of James Rollins should definitely read this."

– Reader review

Warrior Integration by David Hallquist

"I enjoyed this story from page one. It progressed rapidly and in directions I never foresaw. Very suspenseful and full of action. Great story!"

– Amazon Review

The Fall of Rho-Torkis by Tim C. Taylor

"There is a nice amount of back story and character development for all main characters, and they come across as real people, with real strengths and weaknesses coming through. Their struggles are very realistically portrayed, and it really helps immerse you in the story. These characters are definitely a strength, and are as good as any in sci-fi today."

– The Bookwyrm Speaks

Legend by Christopher Woods

"This book reeled me in, and had me not wanting to put it down. 5-stars!"

– Reader Review

The Cassidy Chronicles by Adam Gaffen

"The writer keeps the action going as the women move from one event to the other. There are many supporting characters adding exciting dimensions to the narrative and the principals prove to be decisive, bright, and resourceful. The new America readers find superimposed on the world created by the writer is disturbing yet interesting, contributing to the adventure. I'm looking forward to discovering what happens."

– Reader review



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