The Sci-Fi SFWA Space Bundle, curated by The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America:

This massive bundle curated by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has 18 different authors and twenty books, and can be yours for a price you name! It features New York Times Bestselling authors Michael Cooper, Mike Shepard, and Felix R. Savage, USA Today Bestselling Author Kevin McLaughlin, International Bestselling Authors Glynn Stewart, Craig Martelle, Jennifer Foehner Wells, Terry Mixon, Amy DuBoff, and much more!

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Cygnus Rising by Craig Martelle

"Wonderfully done, really good characters, strong plot. Very well thought out, the science is solid, this is a really good story about humanity working together for a common goal."

– Amazon Review

Nothing Left to Wish For by Andrew G. Schneider

Nothing Left to Wish For is by turns exciting combat, treacherous ruins and adversaries, and exhilarating piloting. Esmeralda, and her interactions with those that she works with and against - often simultaneously - are quite memorable. She occupies a space between the rare archetypes of female hotshot and anti-heroine.

– Amazon Review

Troubled Space by Amy DuBoff

"A hilarious tale of one man's misfortune in a crew full of women who certainly do not have his best interests at heart. I bust a gut more than once on this one, and loved the irony."

– M. D. Cooper, NYT Bestselling Author

The Dream Guild Chronicles Boxed Set (Books 1-3) by David Bruns

"The premise and the plot of this book hooked me...kept me turning digital pages right to the end."

The Kindle Book Review

A Rose From Old Terra by Don Sakers

"Author and librarian Sakers adds to his "Scattered Worlds" series (Weaving the Web of Days) a tale of adventure and intrigue as only a group of librarians can do it. A good addition to most sf collections and sure to be popular with library staff everywhere."

– Library Journal

Fluency by Jennifer Foehner Wells

"Just read FLUENCY by Jennifer Foehner Wells and loved it. Wonderful space opera. Looking forward to the next book."

– Nalini Singh, NYT & USA Today bestselling author

Rika Outcast by M. D. Cooper

"Once you start reading this series you'll want to read them all. You have been forewarned."

– Amazon Review

Rita Longknife - Enemy Unknown by Mike Shepherd

"This one is different. There are some space battles, but this is a big whodunit. The book is paced well, which means it's hard to put down."

– Amazon Review

Crapkiller by Felix R. Savage

"I first came across this book by author Felix R. Savage quite unexpectedly. I was looking for a relaxing, easy-read book that I could enjoy over the course of a weekend. Crapkiller did a great job of captivating my interest. Author Savage did an excellent job of developing a story line that kept me guessing and which held my interest throughout."

– Amazon Review

Space Carrier Avalon by Glynn Stewart

"Space Carrier Avalon is straight up military SF in the finest tradition [with] enough pew-pew to scratch the itch for action and enough characterization to make you care about who gets killed"

– Nathan Lowell, Author of the Tales of the Solar Clipper

Ithaka Rising by LJ Cohen

"When a rocket engine ignites, it doesn't look like much happens. The rocket barely seems to move and then it's going. The relentless pressure of the exhaust propels it faster and faster until it reaches orbital velocity. Ithaka Rising feels like it starts slowly. As the story unfolds and the pieces come together, the inexorable pressure of fine story telling, smooth characters, and compelling action rocket the reader into jump space where anything can - and probably will - happen."

– Nathan Lowell, Creator of the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper and the Tanyth Fairport Adventures.

The Dark Between by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

"The author grabs your attention in the first few lines and fleshes out her story well without an overuse of words. Her concise writing is a pleasure to read."

– Aloe, Long and Short Reviews for A Darker Passion

Storm Divers by Terry Mixon

"Storm Divers delivers plenty of action, a little bit of intrigue, dodgy corporations, great characters and a little bit of mystery - in other words everything I like in a good sci-fi adventure."

– Amazon Review

The Tomorrow Log by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

"Finished reading it in the small hours. . .and, to pun ungracefully, it's a Gem. All the lovely language they seem to specialise in as well as marvelous characters and a good plot. . .

It goes on my comfort shelf."

– Anne McCaffrey

Qualify - The Atlantis Grail Book 1 by Vera Nazarian

"The writing is superb, glistening with detailed descriptions and punctuated by sincere feelings for each character. Best of all, the characters are believable all the way down to the humorous thoughts, and spoken words. The author proves that Sci-Fi does not have the be filled with stiff characters that lack of humanity."

– Amazon Review

Compete - The Atlantis Grail Book 2 by Vera Nazarian

"As I sit here after reading this book for the twentieth time, I am still utterly speechless. I've typed, backspaced and typed again, words that I thought would adequately capture all that is The Atlantis Grail. I realize now, there are none."

– Amazon Review



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