The Adventure Sci-Fi Bundle, curated by Kevin J. Anderson: Strap into your cockpit, fire up the faster-than-light engines, and set course for the nearest star. I've got a grab bag of 13 excellent science fiction books all in one new Adventure SF StoryBundle. Get them all for as little as $15, and help out a great charity, too!

I put in a brand new action-packed story, The Blood Prize, featuring the popular character Colt the Outlander from Heavy Metal magazines, with all new art by the Aradio Brothers. Robert J. Sawyer offers his classic novel Far Seer (a planet of intelligent dinosaurs!). Raymond Bolton's Awakening shows a fantasy civilization on the cusp of the industrial revolution faced with an alien invasion.

And speaking of space, you can choose to donate part of every purchase to help support the Challenger Learning Centers for Space Science Education!

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Lunatic City by T. Allen Diaz

"Diaz writes the story with crisp, fast pace that utilizes every word, creating a believable universe that draws in the reader … Parker serves well as a sympathetic anti-hero, who hopes to get out of a bad mess that's only growing worse."

– Amazon Review

Phule's Paradise by Robert Asprin

"If you've never read _Phule's Company_, you're missing out. Don't let the label of Science Fiction fool you if you're not into the genre. This book will keep you entertained, and perhaps even make your chest collapse from the severity of the laughs it brings, even if you don't care for conventional sci-fi. Read it. Mr. Asprin does not falter in the slightest in this second book of the series."

– Amazon Review

Awakening by Raymond Bolton

"Bolton navigates through the plot lines and the mixed genres (Science Fiction but not exactly, Fantasy but not entirely, Paranormal but not completely) with the clear gesture of the conductor of a large orchestra. A new voice and author who is bound to grow a faithful readership."

– Massimo Marino, international award-winning author of The Daimones Trilogy

Lost Among the Stars by Paul Di Filippo

"Strange Trades is a splendid collection … witty, thoughtful, accessible … the book's finest story … has a humanity worthy of Dickens or Hardy."

– Publisher’s Weekly

Another Girl, Another Planet by Louis Antonelli

"This is a terrifically inventive and highly creative novel about troubles with androids set on Mars and set in an alternative future. It is quite funny and exciting, but the biggest joy is the well thought alternative history. Highly recommended."

– Amazon Review

Club Anyone by Lou Agresta

"I love sci fi and dystopian genre books and Club Anyone falls squarely in both. Such a bleak future world where greed, lust and the most vile aspects of human nature are on display so raw. Add the memorable, vulnerable and gripping characters to this well developed and believable setting, and it's a winning formula. The book is like watching a train wreck of personal tragedy played out, a story as old as time — betrayal, love, lust, addiction, sorrow...great novel."

– Amazon Review

Taylor's Ark by Jody Lynn Nye

"Exciting… enjoyable space adventure… Taylor's Ark is fun and well-crafted, with a heroine you'll enjoy rooting for!"

– Aboriginal SF

Walking on the Sea of Clouds by Gray Rinehart

"There is a very rare and special pleasure that comes from reading a beautifully written book from a true expert in his field. In reading Walking on the Sea of Clouds, it immediately becomes apparent that Gray Rinehart is intimately familiar with the field of near-future space exploration. He understands what it will take to get mankind to the moon and beyond. He writes about the military as only someone who has been in the military can. He writes about bureaucracies and funding in the way that someone who has struggled with them does. When it comes to astronauts and space exploration, his characters ring undeniably true."

– David Farland, author of the NYT-bestselling Runelords novels

The Silver Ship and the Sea by Brenda Cooper

"Fast-paced and full-bodied, Silver Ship is character-driven hard SF at its best."

– The Seattle Times

Honor and Fidelity by Andrew Keith and William H. Keith, Jr.

"Series is captivating &a compelling it is fast paced with lots of action, the series has a multitude of characters that will have you rooting for their survival. One of the most enjoyable reads I have done. A must buy for futuristic military sci-fi fans."

– Amazon Review

Far-Seer by Robert J. Sawyer

"Some books are just fun; some are interesting because of the characters; others attract you with the unusual or by looking at the world in a new way. In Far-Seer, Robert J. Sawyer has written a book that has all of these qualities."

– Amazing Stories

The United Federation Marine Corps Book 1: Recruit by Jonathan P. Brazee

"An Excellent book that creates a universe and character ripe for expansion. The combat scenes are good the build-up, explanations the military lifestyle are all written by someone who has been there and will instantly be recognised as such by those who have been in the field of arms. I whole heartedly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good modern combat scifi novel."

– Arte et Marte.



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