The Our Heroes Sci-Fi Bundle, curated by Melissa Snark:

The hero is at the core of every great story—facing fierce foes, defying death, fighting for the greater good... The Our Heroes Sci-Fi StoryBundle celebrates the men and women who undertake an epic journey, sacrificing so that others may be spared pain and suffering.

Our collection features a robust range of science fiction books from subgenres ranging from space opera to time travel to galactic exploration. These novels have been handpicked based on their excellent reviews, professional editing and covers, and, of course, superior storytelling—all curated especially for you, our loyal readers.

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The Caledonian Gambit by Dan Moren

"Hypercool. It's like the Golden Age of sci-fi got an upgrade, with all the big honking space cannons and some desert planet dry humor thrown in for the bargain."

– John Birmingham, author of the Axis of Time trilogy

Central Galactic Concordance Boxed Set by Carol Van Natta

"Space opera packed with diverse characters, intricate world-building, and plenty of intrigue."

– Anna Hackett, USA TODAY Bestselling Author of the Hell Squad series

Archangel Project by C. Gockel

"This is a terrific science fiction selection that explores our human emotion. Anger, fear, self-doubt, love, and humor are on display as the colonists of a new world are forced to realize they are not alone in the universe."

– Great Digital Books, "7 Great Books for Star Trek Fans"

Apocalypse How? by Galen Surlak-Ramsey

"The edge-of-your-seat action keeps readers engaged.This is a strong debut that launches a promising series."

– Publisher's Weekly

For the Greater Good by Greta van der Rol

"This story has all the elements I like in science fiction romance - strong, multi-dimensional characters, adventure, exciting action, good versus despicable evil, mystery and, in this case, a small dollop of romance between Brent and Tian, our hero and heroine."

– Amazon Review

Abendau's Heir by Jo Zebedee

"Abendau's Heir has exactly what I was looking for: well developed characters, shocking plot twists, and some great action. Last but not least, there were some heartbreaking

– Amazon Review

The Auriga Project by M.G. Herron

"Very interesting idea, mixing science fiction technology with an ancient Mayan civilisation. The story works on both sides and draws the characters vividly."

– Ann Thomas, Goodreads

One Two Punch by Pauline Baird Jones

"I enjoyed the partnership between Joe and Vi. Pauline Baird Jones does a great job with dialogue. I particularly liked Joe's POV."

– Smart Girls Love SciFi

Pets in Space 5 by Pauline Baird Jones

"Be advised that this collection is guaranteed to make your TBR pile grow – possibly exponentially. There's always so many fascinating worlds to explore."

– ReadingReality.Net

Command Decision by S.E. Smith

"This story is action packed excitement. I am so very much in love with the world and characters she has created."

– Amazon Review

Star Cruise: Outbreak by Veronica Scott

"…a great thriller with a dash of mystery and romance."

– Amazon Review



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