The Universe of Adventure Sci-Fi Bundle - Curated by independent authors John Wilker & Dave Walsh: When it comes to science fiction, there are a lot of different flavors. Through the ages, science fiction has been many things to a great many people. It’s never been just one thing. Just one type of story. There's sci-fi that's quiet and contemplative, sci-fi that sticks to our understanding of modern science, then there's sci-fi that spans different galaxies and times, or even sci-fi that warps our understanding of reality.

But when most people think of science fiction, it's hard not to think of adventure.

It doesn't always have to be grand, galaxy-hopping adventures, either. Sometimes it’s smaller-scale stories, focusing instead on a few characters going up against inconceivable odds.

For this bundle, we've collected books from all across the wide world of science fiction and found adventures big and small. The kind of books that help you remember why you fell in love with science fiction in the first place.

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Ptolemy Lane 1-3 by Cameron Cooper

"I felt like I was in a black and white sci-fi avant-garde movie. Humphrey Bogart is in the background somewhere, smoking a Camel cigarette, or maybe a future Sherlock Holmes."

– Reader Review About The Body in the Zero Gee Brothel

Devon Island Mars Colony by Si Clarke

"Tailor-made for armchair scientists."

– Miranda, The Lesbian Review

Psycho Electric by Randolph Lalonde

-"Great fun with so much going on and so many options in the real and virtual. Very entertaining highly recommended."

– Reader review

Shifting Reality by Patty Jansen

"I couldn't put it down, staying up late to finish reading. Melati is a great character who stands up for what she believes in an entirely plausible way."

– Australian book reviewer Tsana Dolichva

Constelis Voss 1 by K. Leigh

"This book has everything a reader could be looking for, but that's not why I love it. The emotional connection I had with the characters felt like a gun shot wound, and I mean that in the best way."

– Reader review

League of Independent Operatives - Books 1-3 by Kate Sheeran Swed

"The plot is fast-paced and makes it feel like I am a fly on the wall watching the drama, the fight scenes and all the awesome gadgets."

– BookBub Reviewer

The Big Sigma Collection Vol. 1 - Enhanced by Joseph R. Lallo

"This book was well written, had excellent pacing, and possessed enough dry wit and bad puns to have me laughing well past my bedtime."

– Cassandra Davis (In Review of Bypass Gemini)

Fire Ant by Jonathan P. Brazee

"This is a heart warming story to those of us that know rank and flight operations. I will read every book about our Fire Ant, and want for more."

– Reader review

Space Rogues 1-2 & Grand Human Empire 1-2 by John Wilker

1."An epic sci-fi tale that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat."

– Literary Titan

Ghost Pirate Gambit by Jessie Kwak

"Definitely a perfect read for Firefly fans, with a strong dose of Leverage (in space, of course). One of my favorite reads so far this year."

– Kate S

Broken Ascension by Dave Walsh

"Loved the intersectional family formed by the crew of the Trystero. From the young, but wise captain to the old, but narrowly focused "Sergeant" to the quirky pilot and the troubled artist. Some great stuff here."

– Nathan Lowell, author of Quarter Share - 5 stars

Convergence by C. Gockel

"As always, C. Gockel writes with clarity, intelligence, thoughtfulness and lots of fun."

– Review of Carl Sagan’s Hunt,



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