The Valor: Military Science Fiction Bundle, curated by Dean Wesley Smith:

Even though I am not known for writing military science fiction, I may have written more military sf novels than just about anyone. Not kidding. Why is that? I am known for writing Star Trek and that is military science fiction at its finest. But often readers don't think of Star Trek as military science fiction. It is just Star Trek.

My second published novel was a Star Trek novel in the Deep Space Nine series under a pen name and written with Kristine Kathryn Rusch. I ended up writing thirty-five Star Trek novels over the next decade, sometimes under my own name, sometimes with Kris, sometimes under other pen names.

And I loved it. And I still to this day love the form of military science fiction and write numbers of books and series that are military sf. I think writing military science fiction is in my blood.

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Perihelion by Tami Veldura

"The opening scene was freaking amazing. I was instantly reminded of Dune! I'm absolutely jealous that [Tami has] harnessed the feel of the most influential work of my life, but also inspired to keep working on my writing until I'm able to do the same... I know it'll suck me in hard."

– E. Cooper

Battlenaut Crucible by Robert Jeschonek

"If you are a fan of mecha action or just sci-fi in general, you're going to love this action packed book. There are plenty of exciting battles to keep your heart racing, plus great, fully drawn characters and some really unique and thought provoking science fiction concepts and themes."

– SandyK, Amazon Reviewer

Trial Under Fire - A BattleTech Novel by Loren L. Coleman

"Trial Under Fire is a fitting epilogue to one of the largest military campaigns told in the BattleTech universe: the destruction of Clan Smoke Jaguar. Loren Coleman does it as well as anyone!"

– Randall N. Bills, Author, BattleTech Line Developer

Skirmishes: A Diving Novel by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

"The Diving Universe, conceived buy Hugo-Award winning author Kristine [Kathryn] Rusch is a refreshingly new and fleshed out realm of sci-fi action and adventure. And the latest offering…doesn't disappoint."

– Dave Dickinson, Astroguyz, on Skirmishes

Guilt in Innocence by Keith R.A. DeCandido

"One thing that works really well in Guilt in Innocence is that there's no real good or evil between the different factions depicted in this novel. At first the main protagonist (and the reader) is tending to sympathise with the one side, than with the other side, only to come to the realisation in the end that the best you probably will find is that our 'heroes' are on their own and have to arrange with the lesser of two evils. There are some plot points that aren't really new – like plans to enhance capabilities going wrong or old friends ending up on different sides of a conflict – but DeCandido makes it work, and that's once again mainly due to his excellent character work."

– Jens Deffner,

Valor by Fiction River

"…this anthology will be right up your alley."

– Tangent Online

Invincible by David Bruns

"This is the perfect fusion of the space opera and thriller genres. From the first chapter to the thrilling final battles and political twists, Invincible grabs your attention and doesn't let go!"

– Nick Webb, USA Today bestselling author of The Legacy Fleet series



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