The Heroines of Space Opera Bundle - curated by Robert Jeschonek

What is it about space opera that makes us love it so much? The action, the exotic settings, the colorful characters, the alien species? The promise of countless adventures in the face of the great unknown?

Or is it mostly just the incredible cool factor of all the ships…the technology…the planets…the ray guns and laser swords? In many ways, it's the ultimate escapist genre, transporting us to places and situations that dwarf our everyday troubles. And yet, at its heart, space opera is all about us, what it means to be human, and how we can triumph over our human limitations.

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Bubbles in Space - The Complete Series by S.C. Jensen

"Bubbles is a fantastic character that fills the role of a 1930s film noir private eye while also being a pink-haired sarcastic screw-up that is just trying to keep her head above water. Given the water in the future is radioactive, this is probably futile."

– Amazon review

Gray Lady Rising by Robert Jeschonek and Annie Reed

"Gray Lady Rising explores relevant themes of companionship, family, and self-reliance against the

backdrop of elaborate intergalactic politics and action-packed conflicts. The captivating storyline builds suspense and urgency; my eyes were glued to the page the whole time. A paragon of feminine power, the protagonist possesses a vitality that both stuns and inspires readers, making us feel that we too are capable of anything. If you enjoy military sci-fi thrillers and non-traditional characters, you might enjoy reading this as much as I did!"

– Alicia Chen, Reviewer

A Dead Ship in the Deep Black by Rene Astle

"The author wove a story with a rich background and lots of detail told from various viewpoints of the characters."

– Reader review

The Parallels by Keyla Damaer

"Damaer presents us with an impressively complex sci fi universe with different alien species and factions thereof all working at odds with each other. Against this backdrop she presents us with a murder to be solved, a scientist with a revolutionary new technology to research and an innocent amnesiac girl in need of an escape. These plot-lines intertwine and intercept, meaning there is always something going on."

– Reader review

Colonial Explorer Corps - Books 1-3 by Julia Huni

"Congratulations to Julia Huni for this amazing series. It's extremely hard to find such an interesting and exciting author who not only writes intelligently but also provides top rated plots, characters and excitement in the stories. I'm really looking forward to the next series!"

– Amazon review

TwiceFar and Beyond by Cat Rambo

"Fun and action-packed.... This action-packed space opera is loads of fun."

– BuzzFeed

Star Compass by Anthea Sharp

"A well-written story combining some of my favorite elements; steampunk, space travel, and a smart, strong heroine."

– Patsy Hennessey on Amazon

Infiltration - Mindspace Book 1 by A.K. DuBoff

"Incredibly well written, hilarious, and action-packed!"

– John Piper, reviewer

Lightwave: The Folding Space Series 1-3 by AM Scott

"Just plain riveting and fun to read. Get your teeth into them today."

– Amazon review



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