The Write for the Win Bundle, curated by Melissa Snark and Mark Leslie Lefebvre:

Would you love to author engaging books readers will love? Are you interested in honing your storytelling skills? Would you like to learn tips and tricks for managing your time and maximizing productivity? Do you want to master the intricacies of social media platforms, author websites, and newsletter marketing?

New authors, midlist authors, and bestselling authors... Write for the Win StoryBundle is a handpicked, selectively curated collection of writing craft and career books on the strategies and secrets of successful authors.

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It's Just a Draft by Tobias S. Buckell

"Over the years I've reviewed dozens of books about writing on my blog, and I'd put this in the top 5 for beginners and experienced writers alike."

– John Rogers (Director/Screenwriter/Producer)

Author Smart Boot Camp by Michelle Fox

"I wish I'd had this a year ago. Lots of great information."

– Reader review

Taking the Short Tack by Matty Dalrymple with Mark Leslie Lefebvre

"An incredibly well-organized book with everything you need to know about making the most of short fiction. Recommended!"

– Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn

Wide for the Win by Mark Leslie Lefebvre

"It's well organized and written in clear prose, so it's easy to use as a reference guide. But I recommend reading it from cover to cover first, as there are lots of hidden gems tucked inside. It's wonderful having all this information in one place delivered by a writer who has played an integral role in the publishing industry for decades. I highly recommend Wide for the Win for all writers."

– Jo-Ann Carson, Author/Reviewer

Prosperity for Writers by Honorée Corder

"Prosperity for Writers is amazing, the only book of its kind that takes the principles of prosperity and abundance and applies them specifically to writing and writers. This is a must read for all who seek to live more creatively and abundantly."

– Reader Review

Empower Your Writing: Coupon Code for a Free Writing Course by Margie Lawson

"I constantly think how different and IMPROVED my writing is because of your teachings. I can't gush enough. No class or book has come close to making the difference that your classes have. Your Empowering Characters' Emotions and Deep Editing classes have pushed my writing to a new level. With your tools, I'm more inspired, excited, and confident in my writing than I've ever been."

– Linda Covella

Super Structure by James Scott Bell

"Super Structure zooms in on the very essence of how the form of a story makes it engaging for readers."

– Teddi Deppner

Three Story Method by J. Thorn with Zach Bohannon

"I've been waiting for this book to hit the market since hearing so much about it from the Career Author Podcast. I know the quality of J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon's fiction worlds, both authors being some of the first authors I read/followed back in my early Kindle days. And being a "work in progress" writer myself, I have followed their podcast for awhile. This book was just the thing I needed for finally being able to organize my "pantsing" style of writing with a tight, organized method which doesn't break up my "off the cuff" style, while motivating me to get the most of the words I put to the page."

– Amazon Review

The Heroine's Journey by Gail Carriger

"The first book on writing structure that's ever truly resonated for me and made sense of the way my favorite stories work. I've thought back to this book so many times since reading it, and I know I'll be reading it again!"

– Stephanie Burgis (Author of The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart)

Playwriting: The Merciless Craft by Carol Wolf

"If you want to know how to write - really write - a play, or screenplay, or story of any merit, you NEED to buy this book. Carol Wolf displays an unmitigated genius for getting right to the heart of what makes a good story."

– D.M. Gribshaw

Dear Writer Are You in Burnout by Becca Syme

"Becca reminds us of our similarities and differences and how they relate to burnout and recovery, for example, different things fill different people's creative stores. The information in this book is enlightening and practical. I look forward to Becca's next installment in her "Dear Writer" series."

– Susan J. (Vine Voice)



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