The 2024 Write Stuff Bundle - Curated by Kristine Kathryn Rusch:

In our fast-paced world, everything changes from year to year, including how to sustain a writing career. With the right attitude, any writer can have success—not just at their craft, but also in their business. This little bundle will help writers of all stripes, from beginners to established professionals, negotiate their way through 2024.

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The Productive Indie Fiction Writer by Tracy Cooper-Posey

For writers who are newer in their careers this is a great way to build in good habits from the start. For those further along the path, I have no doubt there's something within the pages that will strike a chord that can improve productivity.

– Reader review

A Freelancer's Survival Guide to Maximizing Your Success by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

"Not many people understand the publishing business as well as the author business—Kris Rusch is one of them. Her Freelancer's Survival Guide is balanced, ambitious, and packed with information that all writers, editors, and publishers should read."

– Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author

Playing the Short Game - Second Edition by Douglas Smith

"Lots of writers write good books on craft. Few have the experience to write good books on the publishing business. Doug is one of those few, and this book shows it. … An indispensable book for those of us who love to write short fiction. … [Doug is] one of the best short story writers in the business, and one of the best at the business of short story writing. … So, if you have any interest in writing short fiction, or you're already making a living at short fiction, take a peek at this book. It's wonderful."

– Kristine Kathryn Rusch, multi-award-winning author and editor

Make Me Read! by Dean Wesley Smith

"Dean Wesley Smith's blog gives both a slightly different view of the publishing world than I'd seen before and detailed hands-on "here's how to get from A to B" instruction."

– Erin M. Hartshorn, Vision: A Resource for Writers

Researching History for Fantasy Writers by Dayle A. Dermatis

"It forces you to pause and *think* about the world you are creating. Does it make sense? Yes, it is fictional, but does it make sense it terms of clothing, weapons, and ancillary gear? Overall, this is a worthwhile book to read for *any* fiction writer."

– Goodreads review

Life Along the Way by B.A. Paul

"…Need a little pick-me-up? Read any essay about her cooking. Need a little reality about how we make things? All of the lessons learned apply to anyone who makes anything, including dinner."

– Amazon Reviewer

Kickstarter for Authors by Anthea L. Sharp

"As an author, Anthea's guidance on the Kickstarter platform has been irreplaceable. When I first saw her post about her personal results on Kickstarter, I thought "that's wonderful, but it would never work for me." Still, I joined her Facebook group and started reading and studying. My first campaign funded at $9,000+. All I did was read Anthea's advice and study campaigns. If you're serious about running a Kickstarter or even just exploring the idea, back this project and read this book!"

– E.V. Everest



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