The Black Narratives Bundle, curated by Terah Edun:
This month is groundbreaking for many reasons, it represents a clarion call to support and uphold cultural heritage, but more than that Black History Month is a time to celebrate accomplishments of the past and the future. From the moment I was asked to curate the Black Narratives bundle, I knew this one was going to be special. I didn't want to just reach out to authors who were the pillars of the diverse speculative fiction community, but also the ingénues who were becoming stars in their own right.

But above all, in order to celebrate the cultural heritage and legacy of a diasporic black community, I brought together authors who understood the need for greater diversity in their pages. Accordingly, together you see nine authors with twelve distinct titles. Titles that span the works of fantasy, science fiction, historical storytelling, the past, and the future.

You will be amazed at the delights this collection holds and in the month where Black Panther is releasing with a debut to break records, get ready to read the literature before you from Nebula, Crawford, and Hugo Award-winning as well as the bestselling authors that will rock your world.

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Lion’s Blood: InSha’allah Series Book One by Steven Barnes

"What if America had been colonialized by people of African descent? What if the Mayan Empire would have flourished? What if Europeans were enslaved by the Africans? What if Islam was the dominant religion of the world's superpowers? All of these possibilities are realities in Steven Barnes' epic classic, Lion's Blood. The author took a lot of time to build this alternate reality in which African Americans of Muslim decent rule America and the enemy are the Aztecs. This artificial world which houses the growing nation of Bilalistan is all too familiar while at the same time stunningly different from our own recent past. It is a place of lyrical beauty and heartbreaking pain."

– Mocha Girl

Blades Of Illusion: Crown Service #2 by Terah Edun

"Terah Edun does it again! Spinning a story with wonderful characters and lots of action and adventure! Sara continues on her adventure in this sequel to Blades of Magic. This book deals mostly with Sara and how her service influences her mentally while still having action packed fight scenes. Can Sara come out of this adventure with her sanity intact?"

– Yuliya

Blades Of Magic: Crown Service #1 by Terah Edun

"Unique and imaginative magic systems, and strong female characters (evocative) of Brandon Sanderson."

– TDIR Blog

To Wrest Our Bodies from the Fire: The Panther Chronicles, Book Two by T. Thorn Coyle

"If I thought the first book was amazing, the second one left me speechless. I have fallen in love with these characters."

– Nerthuschild

To Raise a Clenched Fist to the Sky: The Panther Chronicles, Book One by T. Thorn Coyle

"Imagine the Black Panthers of the 1960s, only with magic in a stunningly well-written and detailed take of that turbulent time in history."

– Dean Wesley Smith

Kabu-Kabu by Nnedi Okorafor

"In her first collection of short fiction, she draws on the same combination of resources that have given her a unique voice — African trickster tales, post-apocalyptic scenarios, distant planets with societies influenced by Nigerian mythology, tales of young Americanized Nigerians confronting their ancestral culture in visits to Africa. . . . There is playfulness and wonder in these tales, but also some sobering realities."

– The Chicago Tribune

The Salt Roads by Nalo Hopkinson

"Rollicking, sensual . . . Required reading . . . [from] one of science fiction's most inventive and brilliant writers."

– New York Post

Skin Folk by Nalo Hopkinson

"Caribbean folklore informs many of the 15 stories, ranging from fabulist to mainstream, in this literary first short-fiction collection from Nebula and Hugo awards-nominee Hopkinson. Her descriptions of ordinary people finding themselves in extraordinary circumstances ring true, the result of her strong evocation of place and her ear for dialect. . . . Though marketed as science fiction, this collection should hand-sell to fans of multicultural fiction."

– Publishers Weekly

Angelborn by L. Penelope

"Full of interesting characters that are fresh and unique, a story that is unlike any that I have read and fun. I couldn't put this book down…"

– Amazon Reviewer

Black Borne by L.L. Farmer

"I love sci-fi and I love historical fiction. This book brings them both together masterfully. Definitely stepping in to fill the void left by Octavia Butler. I can't wait for the rest of the series to drop!!"

– Amazon Review

Redemption in Indigo by Karen Lord

"Filled with witty asides, trickster spiders, poets and one very wise woman, Redemption in Indigo is a rare find that you could hand to your child, your mother or your best friend."

– Washington Post

Echo by Alicia Wright Brewster

"Proving character-driven science fiction is not an oxymoron, Ashara Vinn pulls readers into her world on page one and never lets go . . . This world has depth, mirroring the memorable characters who populate it."

– Kirkus Reviews



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