We're proud to present The Escapist Bundle, curated by Allyson Longueira of WMG Publishing! She says: Ever feel like you need to escape from reality for a while? A day, a week, four years—whatever it takes. It seems like many of us feel that way right now, so what better time for some escapist fiction?

You see, the eleven fantastic books in this bundle come from authors tied together by, among other accolades, their inclusion in a single volume of Fiction River, in this case a volume called Recycled Pulp. For those of you unfamiliar with Fiction River, it's an original anthology series that Adventures Fantastic calls "one of the best and most exciting publications in the field today."

With 22 volumes published so far, Recycled Pulp proves one of the most creative volumes. Inspired by the fantastic, escapist pulp fiction of the last century, the amazing authors in this volume were tasked with creating modern escapist fiction from nothing but a pulp-inspired title. The results were fantastic, indeed.

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A Death in Cumberland by Annie Reed

"This book made me ignore everything else I was supposed to be doing. I'll happily read every Cumberland mystery Annie Reed writes."

– Ariel Graham, author of Ghosts in the Machine

Neither Here Nor There by Cat Rambo

"Cat Rambo is endlessly innovative, ingenious, and just plain entertaining. Read her stories."

– NY Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson

The Slots of Saturn by Dean Wesley Smith

"[The Poker Boy] series is unlike anything else out there. It's quirky and a lot of fun."

– Amazing Stories

Recycled Pulp by Fiction River

"These enjoyable twisting short stories seem more like a stop in the Twilight Zone than pulp fiction."

– Midwest Book Review on Fiction River: Recycled Pulp

The Pale Waters by Kelly Washington

"This is a briskly paced story with an intriguing protagonist who is on a dangerous mission, set in the city of Izkirka—a mysterious world whose politics appear to be tenuous. Rahda spends this volume discovering some truths about the disfigured prince… and about herself… Definitely sets the table for the next story!"

– Ron Collins, Amazon Bestselling Author

The War and After by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

"Deeply evocative, it breathes menace from every page and memorably conveys what Rusch calls the 'casual evil' that suffused Germany as the Nazis came to power."

– The Daily Mail (London) on Hitler’s Angel

Revolutionary Magic by Thomas K. Carpenter

"Doctor Who meets Revolutionary America"

– Amazon Review



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