Welcome to the Devastator Funny Book Bundle 3: The Book Ultimatum, curated by The Devastator! We're excited to have them back to put together what's easily our funniest bundle of the year. How do they do it? Here's what they say:

At The Devastator, we have a different approach, which combines tactics used by improv theatres, TV show writers' rooms, and Chuck E. Cheese restaurants. The Chuck E. Cheese part has to do with all the frightening animatrons we bought off eBay and taught to sing Shakira songs. It has nothing to do with making books, but you know.
Throughout the year, we meet authors and cartoonists who want to work with us. If we like their work, we invite them to pitch us book ideas during our yearly submission period. The projects aren't picked solely by the publishers. Actually, the previous year's authors go through the submissions and help decide which ones get selected for next year's slate. That way, the books reflect the sensibility of many funny people, rather than one or two people. Neat!

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We Don't Think You're Racist! by Amanda Meadows and Robin Higgins

"A hilarious yet informative read for anyone who's unknowingly said something stupid to someone of another race. It should be listed under Self-Help!"

– Roy Wood Jr., correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Toys "4" Cheap by Asterios Kokkinos and Jimmy Hasse

"Asterios Kokkinos is like a modern day Mark Twain, if Mark Twain was Greek and really hairy, and instead of writing the great American novel came up with a bunch of horrific children's toys."

– Dan McCoy, The Flophouse & The Daily Show

Dream It! Screw It! by Geoffrey Golden

"This book clearly shows why some people should never be Imagineers..."

– Dana Snyder, comedian and co-host of Drunk on Disney

Oh the Flesh You Will Eat! by Mike Levine and Jacob Vollum

"Disgustingly awesome. Hilarious, perverse and fun!"

– John Layman, creator of Chew

Killing It! by Joan Ford

"F@*$!ing hilarious. I honestly couldn't stop laughing the whole way through!"

– Natalie Palamides, The Powerpuff Girls

Stay at Home Scarface by Kenny Keil

"Kenny Keil is one of MAD's funniest writers. Granted, that's a low bar, but you should buy this book anyway!"

– John Ficcara, Editor-in-Chief, MAD Magazine

Leg Drop Digest (Zine) by Joe Starr and Asterios Kokkinos

"A stone cold parody of 80s wrestling magazines."

– Forbidden Planet

Drama Sutra (Zine) by Paige Weldon

"With a dry, witty style that's evident even on her Twitter feed, Weldon has published several zines, including The Drama Sutra."

– The AV Club

Tardis Beat (Zine) by Patrick Baker

"TARDIS Beat is clever and spot-on. You will laugh. It would also make a great gift item for the Whovian in your life."

– Fanboy Planet

Dogs: History's Greatest Monsters (Zine) by Micki Grover and Lynne Donahue

"A super funny history of dogs and their crimes. Featuring a bunch of dogs in period costumes."

– Comedian Lesley Tsina (Community, Black-ish)



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