The Neo-Noir Bundle, curated by celebrated indie editor and publisher Kate Sullivan: Cue the moody jazz, order a dirty martini from the bar-bot, and make sure your wits and sidearm are loaded and ready—because gritty, gorgeous noir isn’t dead. It’s just testing you.

That’s right, noir is here to stay—and here’s your chance to dig in, in one fell swoop and at rock-bottom price, to a collection of ten riveting works that show off all the best that noir fiction has to offer.

Cross boundaries and defy expectations while exploring the noir tenets. Unreliable narrator? Check. Cynical, world-weary protagonist who’s as quick with wit as a weapon? Check. Complex plots rife with reversals and betrayals? Check, check, and check. Add a dash of snark, a jigger of suspense, and garnish with a twist of epic proportions for a neo-noir cocktail that’ll leave you reeling…and thirsty for more.

From space opera to swords and sorcery, horror to urban fantasy, corrupt elves, werewolf cops, ghostly soul-whisperers, and Twitter-obsessed superheroes, it’s all here!

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The Concrete Goodbye by W.H. Lock

"If Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammiet had a man-baby and Alan Moore and Frank Miller had another man-baby. Then those two babies grew up and had a kid of their own. And they only let that kid watch 80's TV, noir movies, and read comic books That kid would be the guy who wrote this."

– Amazon Review

Hard Times in Dragon City by Matt Forbeck

"With some great pacing, a very exciting murder mystery, an even more excellent detective-protagonist, I can say with confidence that Hard Times In Dragon City is an amazing novel. Rating: 9.5/10"

– Abhinav Jain

The Coconut Swindle by Matt Abraham

"If you like old school noir detectives, you'll like this book. If you like super heroes and their culture you'll love it."

– Celtic Frog Reviews

Fresh Hell by David Bussell

"Take a hard-boiled detective book, give it a supernatural twist and you have Fresh Hell, the first book in the new Ghosted series. An excellent, engaging read, full of humor and spooky goings-on."

– Amazon Review

Green Light Delivery by Anne E. Johnson

"For sci-fi authors, the establishment of a story world is a challenge, a balancing act. In "Green Light Delivery," we receive only the barest of tantalizing clues about what Webrid's world looks like and how it works. But these details are provided just as they are needed, and we build that world for ourselves, clue by hilarious clue."

– Amazon verified purchaser review

City of Devils by Justin Robinson

"Richard Prather and Forrest Ackerman had a love child, and his name is Justin Robinson. The proof is in this crazy spook house ride of a book. Robinson takes a mile high concept that might crash and burn in a lesser writer's hands and makes it fly thanks to witty world building, snappy pacing, and an appealing main character with a snarky, streetwise voice."

– Nathan Long, author of Jane Carver of Waar and the Ulrika the Vampire series

Mr Blank by Justin Robinson

"a funny, knowing and thoroughly engrossing romp through the darker side of Los Angeles that, once started, [is] hard to put down."

– Readers+Writers Journal

Deep Space Dragnet by Alex P. Berg

"This second volume of the Rich Weed series is even more interesting and funny than the first!"

– Amazon Review

The Tau Ceti Transmutation by Alex P. Berg

"Snarky humor from the author of the Dagger and Steele series. If you like old pulp science fiction and snarky humor, this book is for you."

– Amazon Review

Gods of Chicago by AJ Sikes

"I could parallel the plot of Gods of Chicago to a stick of dynamite about to blow up. The first half of the book is the fuse that gradually burns down, and when it expires we're exposed to the second half of the book. The plot explodes into a war that envelops the whole of Chicago, and the residents are forced into a desperate struggle for survival."

– Amazon Review



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