Forget the fedora, but double the length of the dark alley. Noir fiction isn't necessarily what you think. In the public imagination, the idea of noir is dominated by the films of the 1940s and early 1950s—overcoats and cigarettes, femmes fatale with gams that just won't quit, and plenty of the cheapest gin. But noir fiction is something different: there are few hardboiled detectives, and the female characters aren't the sexpots Hollywood makes it profits from. In hardboiled crime fiction, the characters are all tough. In noir, they're all screwed.

Noir fiction is noir—that is, black—because there is no light at the end of the tunnel, no justice, and not even all that much righteous vengeance. What noir does have is the most imaginative yet realistic writing, unforgettable characters, and the hardest heart punches you'll ever be nailed with in prose.

That's the Noir bundle, curated by award-nominated author Nick Mamatas. You can click here to read much more about the bundle, and make sure to click on each cover for reviews, a preview and a personal note from our curator!



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The Collected Big Click by Nick Mamatas, Jeremiah Tolbert, Seth Cadin and Molly Tanzer

"What made The Big Click so great? Its editors, Nick Mamatas and Molly Tanzer, are both brilliant authors who have equal respect for the writer and the reader…From the start, they have been supportive of everything I've written, every chance I have taken, every seemingly weird connection I've made, and have never expected me to dumb it down."

– Barry Graham, novelist

Snitch World by Jim Nisbet

"Filled with surprises, Snitch World revolves around barroom conversations, taxi rides, a case of mistaken identity, a killer app, and a heavy dose of psychogeography. Above all, it's Nisbet's homage to blue-collar San Francisco, the memory of which is fading fast. With its survival techniques — drugs, drink, crime, wit, or public disorder — this could be Nisbet's most painfully humorous book yet..."

– Woody Haut, LA Review of Books

Edge City by Sin Soracco

"Dark and sultry . . . an illuminating view of hell as a nightclub that never closes."

– New York Times

The Storm Giants by Pearce Hansen

"From the first time I read Hansen, I knew right then I was dealing with some next-level work. Since then, he's continued to push the boundaries of crime fiction to the point of no return."

– Anthony Neil Smith (author of XXX Shamus and editor of the legendary neo-noir e-zine Plots With Guns!)

Stagger Bay by Pearce Hansen

"Imagine James Ellroy coupled with George R. R. Martin and overseen by Charles Willeford. Pearce Hansen is the noir writer that Noir writers envy."

– Ken Bruen (author of the Jack Taylor series)

Long Lost Dog Of It by Michael Kazepis

"David Lynch meets Pulp Fiction meets government conspiracy fiction (think Three Days of the Condor), spiked with a certain dose of what-the-fuck-ness."

– Complex Magazine

Leverage by Eric Nelson

"Eric Nelson's collection, Leverage, left me with one of my favorite feelings: that of looking into the window of a stranger's home and seeing something immediately recognizable, and feeling less alone because of it."

– Lindsay Hunter, author of Ugly Girls

Killer &Victim by Chris Lambert

"Lambert is a fresh, strong and self-reliant voice that invented a universe of an unspeakable beauty and an inexplicable foreboding. Killer &Victim is a novel of human connection and creation . . . a visceral experience that'll appeal to the most reckless readers . . ."

– Dead End Follies

I Miss the World by Violet LeVoit

"LeVoit's work exists at the center of a glowing nexus where fever dream punk rock poetry collides with raw emotion and vertiginous talent."

– Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of Entropy In Bloom and Skullcrack City

Requiem at Rogano by Stephen Knight

"A superlative thriller . . . I have not had such a good weekend with a thriller for years . . . I recommend this to all who enjoy literate crime fiction."

– Martin Seymour-Smith, Financial Times

Harriet by Elizabeth Jenkins

"It is superb. Every word grips."

– Manchester Evening News

How Do You Like Your Blue Eyed Boy? by Barry Graham

"Immensely entertaining... a helluva plot, and a wonderful twist."

– Benjamin Whitmer, author of Pike and Cry Father

Before by Barry Graham

"Before explores memories, both self-created and real, of a woman the narrator knew for a short time, who later died unexpectedly. He seeks to find her in visions, lost words, lonely spaces. While giving the reader a keyhole view of life's underbelly, Graham manages to imbue the scene with a poignancy that is slowly hypnotic and lingers long after closing the book... Though there are certainly Tarantino-or even Wenders-like moments in the book, Graham has a visual style and writerly voice that are all his own: timely, urban, and powerful."

– Booklist



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