Welcome to our Pulse Pounders Thriller Bundle! Here's a note from our curator, Kevin J. Anderson: In a fast-paced world, you want a story that grabs you from the beginning, stomps on the accelerator, and hits sixty miles an hour in two paragraphs or less. You want a ride in a super-sonic jet, not a casual Sunday bicycle ride around the park.

Tick. Tick. You need a lot of thrillers. Now.

The books I have selected for the Pulse Pounders Thriller Bundle for StoryBundle really cut to the chase. This is a death-defying rollercoaster, not a kiddy storybook ride. I selected these books from across the spectrum with the criteria that they be EXCITING and PULSE POUNDING.

You can read more about how the bundle was assembled here, and make sure to click on each cover for reviews, a preview and a personal note from our curator!



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Banshees by Mike Baron

"I am a HUGE fan of Mike Baron's work. The biggest influence on my Catman interpretation was the Badger, without question.This guy was scary/funny before that was even a thing. Get this book, dammit!"

– Gail Simone

Pockets of Darkness by Jean Rabe

"What makes Pockets of Darkness stand out so much so that it is one of the five finalists for the International Thriller Writers Award for the BEST Original Paperback Novel for 2016 is an extra dose of darkness, an engaging protagonist who is unashamedly on the wrong side of the law but still lives (and risks dying) to comport with her own moral code, and a level of intriguing research and descriptive narrative that immerses you in a dark and dangerous world while at the same time being a genuinely fun and engaging read. One of the most truly original thrillers you will read this year. Read it, review it, then tell your friends about this justly acclaimed novel."

– Donald J. Bingle

The Fly Guy by Colum Sanson-Regan

"I really enjoyed reading The Fly Guy. The cover promises a dark thriller, and Colum Sanson-Regan delivers with this story of a writer whose characters sort of start to blend into his reality. I love the way you are walked through both worlds as they are happening, and reading just one chapter is never enough because you have to know what happens next! The attention to detail is so fine, you can see every scene right in front of you. The open ending is perfect, as it makes you think about how the story got there, and makes you want to ask questions and discuss with others who have read it. So, get a group of friends, read The Fly Guy together, and find out how you all see it!"

– Estefenia R. Juncal – Amazon Reviewer

Two Chef! by M. L. Buchman

"A fantastic cross between James Patterson, Elmore Leonard, and Anthony Bourdain!"

– Sheldon MacArthur, former owner of Mysterious Books in L.A.

Gates of Hell by J.F. Penn

"JF Penn writes like she has the hordes of Hades after her. Fast-paced, smart, and so much fun."

– Simon Toyne, Bestselling author of the Sanctus trilogy

Pulse Pounders by Fiction River

"… fans of the unconventional will be well satisfied."

– Publishers Weekly on Fiction River: Pulse Pounders

Forced Conversion by Donald J. Bingle

"Visceral, bloody — and one hell of a page turner! Bingle tackles the philosophical issues surrounding uploaded consciousness in a fresh, exciting way. This is the debut of a major novelist — don't miss it."

– Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo and Nebula award-winning author



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