The SFWA Time Travel Bundle, curated by The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America:

What better way to forget about the present than by exploring the past and future? Ever since H.G. Wells turned the dials on his famous machine, time travel has been a staple of science fiction, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America's A Matter of Time StoryBundle continues this rich tradition by presenting fourteen temporally vibrant novels by both bestselling authors and rising stars.

SFWA is an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting science fiction and fantasy writers in the United States and elsewhere. The A Matter of Time bundle was curated by SFWA members to showcase the incredible range of thought-provoking stories that can be explored through the conceit of time travel, from adventures in the distant past to the far future.

And the bundle also includes Blue Apocalypse, the first book in a new series by New York Times bestselling author Craig Martelle, Time Trap by USA Today Bestselling author Jill Cooper, and Nairobi Jack by Monique Martin, among many others. The A Matter of Time bundle will run for three weeks only. This is a terrific way to sample a wide variety of stories and discover great new writers!

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Jurassic Jail - Time Wars Book 1 by William Alan Webb

"The story is so exciting to think about and there is no better author than the incredible wordsmith, William Alan Webb, to bring it to life. I'm ready for a rip-roaring adventure from now until the beginning of time!"

– Amazon Review

The Continuum by Wendy Nikel

"Nikel's inventive spin on time travel and eye for sumptuous detail make her writing a treat to read."

– Publishers Weekly

The Syndicate - Timewaves Series Book 1 by Sophie Davis

"So many twists and turns, and Sophie Davis does an amazing job bringing 1920s Paris to life. I can't wait for book 2!"

– USA Today Bestselling Author Michelle Madow

The Redemption of Michael Hollister by Shawn Inmon

"The best book I've read all year."

– Terry Schott, bestselling author of The Game is Life series

The Lights of Time by Paul Ian Cross

"There's action, sci-fi, technology and mystery all wrapped up in this novel and I had a great time reading from the beginning until the end"

– Jessica Rachow, Book Blogger

Nairobi Jack by Monique Martin

"Jack Wells is the ideal-though-less-than-perfect hero that we all dream of bring. A lethally charming rogue with a huge streak of compassion he can never hide for long, he's both a thoroughly modern man and a throwback to the two-fisted social justice warrior of the pulps. Indiana Jones meets Time Travel in adventures that move like a rocket."

– Michael Ciccolini, author and illustrator The Pasta Family All Ages Illustrated Adventures

Imposter Messiah by M.W. Davis

"Excellent read! From the first chapter of Imposter Messiah I was hooked. I couldn't wait to see how it played out."

– Amazon Reviewer

Time Trap by Jill Cooper

•"Super time travel story. Cooper does an excellent job managing multiple time streams. Well done, and not confusing. Great character development, particularly showing how her time travel exploits affect the main character, how the time lines mix together in her mind, how she resolves the dramatical differences between them."

– Amazon Review

Supernova - The Commons Book 1 by Jessica Marting

"Holy smokin' space-ships, Batman! I've never read anything by Ms. Marting, but let me assure you I will leap at any chance to read more by her now. I've been looking for a good sci-fi romance, rather than para-rom, and this gave it to me. The world building is top notch and you sincerely feel like you're seeing the world (galaxy/universe) as it might be in eight centuries."

– The TBR Pile (5/5 stars)

Millennium Crash by James Litherland

"Great time travel story! This story begins with everything going wrong, then the situation gets worse, and THEN things go really bad. I was hooked from the start."

– Amazon reviewer

Einstein's Secret by Irving Belateche

"Einstein's Secret is a beautifully written thriller, both original and riveting, and packed with great twists."

– Great Novels Review

Jaydium by Deborah J. Ross

"A wild and woolly journey through time and space that contains enough imagination and plotting for an entire shelf of books."


Blue Apocalypse - End Days Book 1 by E.E. Isherwood and Craig Martelle

"…this book is an intriguing read with several simultaneous story-lines, each of which leaves you hanging in suspense, as the authors move from one story to another. Great detail and shared thoughts of the main characters…"

– Amazon Review

Marking Time - Immortal Descendants Book 1 by April White

"The thick pretzel of a plot involving Immortal lineages—Time, Nature, War, Fate, and Death—and their super-powered Descendants is fabulously unique ... A rich, satisfying mix of romance, horror, and time travel."

– Kirkus Reviews



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