The Moonscapes Bundle - Curated by Dean Wesley Smith

I love science fiction. Always have, always will. Of all types.

Years and years ago, as Kristine Kathryn Rusch and I were working on the idea of a bi-monthly anthology series, I said I wanted to edit a volume called Fiction River: Moonscapes. It would be a hard science fiction anthology. And the idea stuck and the volume turned out to be the sixth book in the Fiction River series.

When editing, I got lucky to find eleven great hard-sf stories from eleven top science fiction writers. Over seventy thousand words of fiction. I was and still am very proud of the volume.

But as the years went on, I wanted to keep the idea of Moonscapes going. Either a Moonscapes Two volume for Fiction River, or something else. Then the chance to do this science fiction bundle came up and working it around Fiction River: Moonscapes just seemed to be a logical idea.

Six of the authors in Fiction River: Moonscapes had hard science fiction novels that would fit in this bundle. And three other great sf writers, including Kevin J. Anderson, joined the fun.

So nine hard science fiction novels plus the volume of Fiction River: Moonscapes. Ten books all for one money.

M.L. Buchman, Blaze Ward, and Ron Collins all contributed first novels in their vast science fiction series. So for a small amount of money you get first books to see if you will enjoy the different series. I'm betting you will.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch gives you a major book, a turning point novel, in her acclaimed Retrieval Artist series. If you are not reading the Retrieval Artist books, you are missing some of the best hard science being done.

Kevin J. Anderson with Climbing Olympus brings hard sf down to a human level on Mars in a way that made Kevin so many millions of readers. I love a lot of Kevin's books, but this is one of the best.

My novel Star Mist is set in my Seeder's Universe where humans travel so fast entire galaxies go by like fence posts along a highway, and the real size of the universe starts to emerge.

Both Annie Reed and Maggie Jamison's novels are looks at aspects of the human condition in very possible futures.

While M.L. Buchman's novel gives us a glimpse of an apocalyptic distant future where unlikely companions must fight for their very survival.

Add in the eleven science fiction stories in Fiction River: Moonscapes and you have some fantastic science fiction reading ahead of you for very little money.

As excited as I am about this fantastic group of science fiction novels and stories, I'm most excited about the charity we've attached to the bundle.

Our charity, AbleGamers, helps people with disabilities enjoy the imaginary worlds of video games. The organization provides one-on-one assistance to help people with a variety of disabilities join the lively interactive world of gaming, easing the social isolation that being disabled can bring.

And science fiction is a major part of gaming. So this is a perfect fit.

So here's what you can do: buy the bundle for yourself or your science fiction friends, then toss in a few bucks for AbleGamers. Helping others while getting some top science fiction novels to read.

And remember, this won't last long. So pick up this bundle today, and throw some of that money you saved not buying ten books toward AbleGamers. You'll make someone's life a little brighter, and have hours of reading in the process. – Dean Wesley Smith

The initial titles in the Moonscapes Bundle (minimum $5 to purchase) are:

  • Starflight by Ron Collins
  • The Nara Reaction by M. L. Buchman
  • Recovery Man by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • Auberon by Blaze Ward
  • In Dreams by Annie Reed

If you pay more than the bonus price of just $15, you get all five of the regular titles, plus five more!

  • Eternity by Maggie Jaimeson
  • Rediscovery by Lisa Silverthorne
  • Climbing Olympus by Kevin J. Anderson
  • Fiction River: Moonscapes by Fiction River
  • Star Mist by Dean Wesley Smith

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