Welcome to the Pico Game Bundle! For our tenth video game bundle we've got a special treat for you: The full version of PICO-8, the acclaimed 'fantasy console' 8-bit game creation software allowing creators to make their own 'stories', plus the PICO-8 Zine eBook & 8 other standout game-centric eBooks — with a major share of the bundle benefiting women in games non-profit Pixelles.

We've also got Dungeons & Dreamers from Brad King & John Borland, a comprehensive, acclaimed written history of how video games evolved from D&D's paper-based fantasy worlds to RPGs and MMOs, the excellent 'HG101 Presents The Best 200 Games Of All Time' from Kurt Kalata & friends, including 200 of the best video games ever released, covering over three decades of gaming history, created by developers all over the world, 'Fighting Game Fundamentals' from Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez, a guide from a noted fighting game veteran for practical tips and techniques to improve your results in fighting games like Street Fighter V and much, much more!

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Boss Fight Books: Super Mario Bros. 3 by Alyse Knorr

"Super Mario Bros. 3 is worth a look, especially if that mustachioed plumber holds a place of reverence in your own nostalgic heart."


Dungeons & Dreamers by Brad King and John Borland

"Dungeons & Dreamers tells the epic story of the rise of the games industry from its geeky roots to its mass market dominance. None of us who were there at the beginning had any expectations it would rise to overshadow all other communications media combined…but it has."

– Richard Garriott de Cayeux, creator of the Ultima franchise

Everybody Shake! - The Making of Spaceteam by David L. Craddock

"With Everybody Shake!, David Craddock again shows us the human beings behind the games we love: a great story of how three months of game development came out of three decades of gaming experience."

– Glenn Wichman, co-creator of Rogue

Anything But Sports - The Making of FTL by David L. Craddock

"It's important to have someone like David trying to capture the history of our industry while it is happening. There are fascinating and important stories behind most every company and game that shed light on the drama that accompanies development."

– Brian Fargo, founder of Interplay Entertainment and inXile Entertainment

Souls of Darkness by Gary Butterfield

"I absolutely loved "Souls of Darkness" It was like revisiting my childhood as an adult, eerily familiar, however a completely unique experience, just as hilarious and terrifying as childhood tends to be."

– Luke Palmer, Goodreads

HG101 Presents - The 200 Best Video Games of All Time by Kurt Kalata

"Each title gets a page made up of words, artwork and screens, as well as a "see also" section at the bottom which cites a similar release which is also worth a look. You could therefore say that the actual list stands at 400 - and that doesn't include the 55 runners-up which are included at the close of the book, with each getting a short description and screenshot. All of this results in a frankly incredible resource for anyone interested in the history of gaming - all major genres are touched upon, and while you could argue that some are featured more heavily than others (sports and racing games have little coverage, while RPGs - western and Japanese - are in abundance), it does an excellent job of presenting a more rounded picture of gaming's greatest achievements."

– Nintendo Life

Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design by Wolfgang Baur

“highly recommended for gaming nerds everywhere” – City Book Review

Fighting Game Fundamentals by gootecks

Gootecks knows his stuff, and more importantly, he knows how to communicate and educate that to someone else. If you read this and practice the fundamentals listed; you will certainly be able to improve for any fighting game, old or new. I'm always glad to see that the fgc (fighting game community) has people who actually care about helping others and assisting in bringing up the next generation of gamers.

– Amazon Review

PICO-8 (Full Download!) by Lexaloffle Games

"Pico-8 is the games console you wanted as a kid. It's a retro-games console environment for Mac (and other computers) that lets you build your own tiny games. You can play retro games made by other users, and build your own video games. You can also stop any game, at any point, and mess with the level design, music, sprites and any other content. A bit like Super Mario Maker but far more powerful. Pico-8 has a huge, and dedicated, community. This is what makes it so special."

– Lucy Hattersley, MacWorld



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