The Gaming Feast Bundle - Curated by David L. Craddock:

Starved for books that sate your appetite for video game knowledge? StoryBundle brings you a bountiful harvest with the Gaming Feast bundle! We've curated 10 books guaranteed to entertain until you've eaten your fill.

Author David L. Craddock brigs his critically acclaimed Long Live Mortal Kombat: Round 1, a deep dive into the making of and fandom surrounding MK titles from the franchise's arcade era. Boss Fight Books brings not one, not two, but three brand-new books covering classic titles that originated on Windows, PlayStation, and Nintendo 64.

All that, plus historian John Harris's newest collection of gaming retrospectives, three volumes from Hardcore Gaming 101 founder and author Kurt Kalata, and more.

To find out more about the ten books in this bundle, click here, and make sure to click on each cover for a synopsis, reviews and preview of each book!



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HG101: The Guide to Beat-Em-Ups Vol. 1 by Kurt Kalata

"Loved Volume One with a ton of great information, good screen shots and lots of details that I haven't read anywhere else so far; hopefully Volume Two gets released soon...In short: This is a great book for retro gamers with a faible for 'belt scrolling fighting games' such as Final Fight and Streets of Rage."

– review

Kool Stuff: Bonus Interviews From Long Live Mortal Kombat by David L. Craddock

"Long Live Mortal Kombat is utterly comprehensive, delving into the behind-the-scenes details of A wonderful telling of the story of Mortal Kombat. Craddock puts you in the room with the creators and players who breathed life into the most iconic fighting game of them all."

– Jamieson K. Price, actor (Naruto, Persona 5, Mortal Kombat 9, 10, & 11)

Boss Fight Books: Minesweeper by Kyle Orland

"Your next book should be Minesweeper by Kyle Orland. All of the Boss Fight Books' books are fantastic and this one is no different. [...] This is for gamers who remember Windows 3.1 just like I do and for gamers who think Minesweeper is a free-to-play game on the Microsoft Store (unless you run anything before Windows 8, it is no longer pre-loaded) that they will never touch."

Dear Gamers

Boss Fight Books: PaRappa the Rapper by Mike Sholars

"Scholar's book is yet another great addition to the series. His passion, his analysis, his investigations, his methodology, everything is well executed. By the end of the book I wanted to play Parappa the Rapper, not because I only knew it through Robot Chicken, but because Scholars made me believe."

Accordion Sprout

Boss Fight Books: GoldenEye 007 by Alyse Knorr

"Absolutely the best book I've read about a videogame — or a film — and I'm not just saying that because it's, you know, GoldenEye. It's warm, personable, and surprisingly filled with minor dramatic incidents. Considering that a videogame is essentially a long process where a number of people sit down at computers for a long time, that is impressive."

– Martin Hollis, Director of GoldenEye 007

Video Games - Stage One: 1979 and Before by Andrea Contato

"Video Games tells the story of our medium in an interesting and comprehensive way."


HG101: The Guide to Retro Horror by Kurt Kalata

"This is a very solid book content wise with pretty good layouts (as with all HCG101 releases I've ordered thus far) and it was nice to see a variety of older content including Amiga and IBM-PC entries, and even an arcade light gun title. Of particular interest to me were the sections on the Splatterhouse and Ghouls and Ghosts series, of which many articles were written by series' guru Rob Strangman. The sections cover not only the main game titles, but cameo appearances, bits of merchandise, and obscure information. The other articles were also great to read, especially ones on more obscure computer titles like the Amiga 500 only Waxworks, or the arcade only Zombie Raid."

– Rei Ciel, review



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