The Racing the Clock Bundle - Curated by Dean Wesley Smith

Fast Paced in Every Genre

I love reading stories that grab me and don't let me go until I come up at the end of the story, sometimes breathless from the ride the author has taken me on. Those kinds of stories make me want to instantly get more stories from that author, repeat the ride like getting back on a roller coaster for a second trip around.

With Racing the Clock StoryBundle, those were the types of books I was looking for to put together in one place. And since I love just about all genres, I didn't care if the books were science fiction, mystery, fantasy, or thriller, as long as the author could take me on a ride. Fast-paced and gripping can be done in any area. I just wanted the feeling. The thrill.

So I went to find writers I knew had the ability (an advanced ability, actually) to take all of us readers on a breathless adventure. And in this bundle are some of the best writers in the business at doing just that.

My first stop when looking for writers who could hold a reader in a fast-paced book was four bestselling writers with careers very similar to mine, frighteningly enough. Mike Baron, Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Robert Jeschonek, and Keith R.A. DeCandido are all known to write across many, many genres and in many forms. From comics to media books to original novels, they have done it all and successfully for decades.

Wow, do I feel honored to have the four of them in this bundle with me.

Jeffrey J. Mariotte is the author of over seventy novels among his many other short stories and comic books. He is a master of supernatural thrillers, but for this bundle he joins in with his dark thriller of kidnapping, Missing White Girl. Gripping doesn't begin to describe this book.

Mike Baron, the creator of Nexus and Badger comics, among many other things and a lot of novels, gives the bundle Helmet Head, a fast-paced and crazed novel of Nazi biker zombies. Yup, I said that. Got to read it to believe it.

Keith R. A. DeCandido is the author of over fifty novels and more comics than he can count. He writes in a lot of different universes, but for this bundle he gave us Super City Police Department: The Case of the Claw, a police thriller in a town where superheroes exist, but it is up to the police to find and stop the Claw.

Robert Jeschonek is the bestselling author of more books, comics, and short stories than he can count. One reviewer called him "the love child of Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman." Yup, I agree with that completely. In this novel, Bloodliner, Robert's hero joins forces with a vampiric Shakespeare and King Arthur to fight for their lives against an ancient evil. As Robert says, Bloodliner is not a typical throat-biter.

Bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith (that's me) fits right here with these first four. I have written around two hundred novels, comics, and more short stories than I can count. Death Takes a Diamond is a Mary Jo Assassin novel where immortal assassins take down a massive diamond smuggling ring.

Next, I added New York Times bestselling writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch to this all-star bundle. She also has written hundreds of novels, comics, and short stories, but is more known for her award-winning science fiction and her award-winning mystery under her Kris Nelscott name. I talked her into giving the bundle The Tower, a fast-paced time travel short novel of an attempt to steal the Crown Jewels.

Then, for good measure, I asked another multi-genre and prolific writer, Lauryn Christopher. Lauryn is not only a writer under many names, but under another name yet is also a well-known editor. I wanted her novel Conflict of Interest, a Hit Lady for Hire book, mostly because it makes a fun companion to my Mary Jo Assassin novel in this bundle.

Since my novel, Lauryn's novel, and Kris's The Tower are all fast-paced crime stories at their heart, I wanted to add one more crime story to the mix. So Sam Stone fit right in with her wonderful supernatural crime thriller Posing for Picasso. Like the other writers in this bundle, Sam has also had a multi-faceted career with over a dozen novels, a lot of short stories and numbers of screenplays.

But I needed to round everything off. So to go with Robert Jeschonek's crazy Bloodliner novel of vampires, I added in Kari Kilgore's wonderful and very strange Until Death, which was on the preliminary ballot for the Stoker Award and a finalist for the Golden Stake Award. Until Death takes us deep into the history of Transylvania, in a way not done before. And Kari also fits right into this mix because she too writes across many genres and is very prolific.

Then, for even more breathtaking, fast-paced fiction, Fiction River: Racing the Clock fills out the bundle. Ten short stories by top writers.

So strap into your chair, get some time set aside, and dig into ten of the most diverse, wild, fast-paced books you have ever seen in one bundle.

Edge-of-your-seat fiction by top writers.

But wait, it does get better if you decide to support our fantastic charity I hope you do. There is no better feeling than helping a great cause and then reading a great book.

Or ten. – Dean Wesley Smith

For StoryBundle, you decide what price you want to pay. For $5 (or more, if you're feeling generous), you'll get the basic bundle of five books in any ebook format—WORLDWIDE.

  • Posing for Picasso by Sam Stone
  • Conflict of Interest by Lauryn Christopher
  • Until Death - Death and Redemption Book 1 by Kari Kilgore
  • Fiction River Presents: Racing the Clock by Allyson Longueira

If you pay at least the bonus price of just $15, you get all four of the regular books, plus SIX more!

  • Bloodliner by Robert Jeschonek
  • Helmet Head by Mike Baron
  • The Tower by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • The Case of the Claw by Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • Missing White Girl by Jeffrey J. Mariotte
  • Death Takes a Diamond by Dean Wesley Smith

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