The Underground Comic Bundle - curated by Joseph R. Lallo:

It has been said that, when it comes to delivering a story, there is no purer distillation than a comic. A movie is a collaboration between writers, directors, actors, set designers, and dozens more, each with influence over the result. Likewise for television and theater. Even literature leaves the reader's imagination to construct the visuals. But a comic book brings you plot and visuals precisely as the creator envisioned, sometimes with as little as a single mind and hand responsible for the entire piece. And in a medium defined by precise, intentional delivery of imagined worlds, indie comics and web comics take the artform to a whole new level. Unbounded. Unrestrained. A world crafted by an artist and delivered to us, the readers, like a glimpse into their very minds.

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Vattu: the Sword & the Sacrament by Evan Dahm

"Everything in his worlds is pushed just a tiny bit into the alien—so the picture of the whole is gaspingly strange, and beautiful, and compelling."

– Carla Speed McNeil (Finder)

Vattu: the Name & the Mark by Evan Dahm

"Vattu is an intimate dissection of the brutal price of empire and rebellion, of exile and assimilation. Dahm has built a sprawling and well-crafted geopolitical fantasy populated by a complex cast that carries the emotional core of the story through imperialisti tribulations. Vattu is gripping, a beautifully conceived comic and a necessary read"

– Sloane Leong (Prism Stalker)

The God Machine - Volume 1 by Chandra Free

"Chandra Free's God Machine is a trip through layers of emotion, equal parts dark fairy tale and truth about the human condition. With only hints of influence from her peers, Chandra's art is a complete balance of in-your-face darkness and expressive joy."

– Michael Avon Oeming- Powers co-creator

Wanderlust by Jay Miller and Peri Pendrake

"Wanderlust is a beautifully made suspense comic with endearing characters and amazing backdrop of rural Appalachia! It's a vibe rarely seen and wonderfully done!"

– Evie

Weird Nothing by Joseph R. Lallo

"I wish for more Weird Nothing. If I were to be reductive, it shares a number of traits with Gravity Falls, which is an awesome series that was also cut short. It's weird how both of these properties are similar in a number of ways.

The two main characters counter and compliment each other in various ways that make following along funny and endearing. It takes place in remote Americana with a secret underbelly that tickles my curiosity and desire to explore what-comes-next. These are the two main ingredients that form an exotic story cocktail that is like distilled catnip to me. I'm sure when you get to the end, you'll also wish for more Weird Nothing."

– Cary Golomb (Goodreads)



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