The History with Magic Bundle, curated by Athena Andreadis:

The History with Magic bundle offers eleven riveting works that occupy a vital nexus in the dense, labyrinthine metropolis that is fantasy: the crossroads of alternate history and secondary world fiction. Both are venerable subgenres in speculative fiction. Alternate history has been with us at least since Titus Livius, better known as Livy, contemplated a world in which Alexander the Great survived to turn his energies westward; and humans have invented secondary universes ever since they wove and spun stories around their gatherer-hunter campfires.

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Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan

"Brennan fleshes out the primal conflict of love and honor pitted against raging ambition and lust for power in a glittering age."

– Publishers Weekly

The Marshal's Lover by Jo Graham

"Based upon the real life of Maria Versfelt (aka Ida St. Elme) – courtesan, actress and writer – Graham's latest entwines history, romance and a delicious dollop of fantasy. Sexy and dashing."

– Kirkus Reviews

Judas of Memphis by E.N. McMahon

"The story of Jesus's twin brother is seldom told, and the fact he is cursed with immortality comes as a shock. However the story revolves more around his adopted son who is also a twin. The characters and their personalities give a depth to this tale of religious misgivings. The story is set in the depression in America and is beautifully written. Well worth a read for those not overly orthodox in their Christianity."

– Graeme Hurry, Editor KZine

The Secrets of Jin-Shei by Alma Alexander

"The Secrets of Jin-Shei is a complete original - and a completely magical piece of literature"

– Joanne Harris author of Chocolat

The Last Summoner by Nina Munteanu

"An enticing fantasy exploring the Knightly order and adding many new perspectives."

– The Midwest Book Reviews

The Invisible Valley by Su Wei

"The Invisible Valley is the product of a serendipitous encounter. It is a respectful portrait of real history, whose prose and storytelling give it a fantastical flourish. Su Wei's challenging early life and Woerner's pains-taking translation have resulted in a book that crosses that critical threshold where life is pushed to its limits."

– Kevin McGeary, Los Angeles Review of Books

Redemption in Indigo by Karen Lord

"Filled with witty asides, trickster spiders, poets and one very wise woman, "Redemption in Indigo" is a rare find that you could hand to your child, your mother or your best friend."

– Washington Post

Pilgrim of the Sky by Natania Barron

"Steampunk meets goddess worship in this unusual and highly original story of loves that cross the borders of time and space. Exploring the concept of multiple universes and the social, artistic, scientific, and religious differences among them, Barron's debut is an sf adventure that mixes high action with exquisitely detailed depictions of everyday existence in these alternate worlds."

– Library Journal

Drakon by A.M. Tuomala

"Tuomala's first book since her 2010 debut, Erekos, is a powerful and meticulously realized work of historical fantasy tying Russian sociopolitical movements to legends of dragons. /…/ This sophomore offering cements Tuomala's reputation as an important current voice in the genre."

– Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The Marten and the Scorpion by Robin Shortt

"Shortt (Wellside) plunges readers into the underbelly of medieval Samarkand in this beguiling fantasy. // Clever, tightly written, and full of action, this thrilling novel is an epic wuxia film wrought in paper and ink."

– Publishers Weekly



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