The Getting Justice Bundle, curated by Dean Wesley Smith:

I discovered that the term "Getting Justice" means something different to just about everyone. And I found that fact great fun as I put this bundle together and tried over the eight novels, one collection, and one major anthology of stories to cover as many meanings of "Getting Justice" as I could.

I also discovered that "Getting Justice" and "Finding Justice" mean two very different things. Both terms dig up deep emotions in all of us. Sometimes memories, sometimes passions, but often just desires to get or find justice in a personal event.

The characters in the ten books in this incredible bundle work to get justice, often in very, very different ways. And I really, really enjoyed putting this together. There is something in here for readers of mystery to fantasy to thriller, all with the theme of getting justice. I think you will enjoy the read as much as I did.

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The Meter's Always Running by C.A. Rowland

"Colorful Savannah is the backdrop to intriguing characters woven into a captivating plot with a sprinkling of spirits who keep you guessing. "

– Melinda Crocker, author of Killing Spring

Unexpected Good Guys by Annie Reed

"Annie's writing is magic, seriously."

– Robert J. McCarter, author of A Ghost’s Memoir series

Help Me Nora by Diana Deverell

"Loved, loved, loved it! I couldn't put it down. If you like Kathy Reichs's style you will love this series."

– Reader review

Shelter by Marcelle Dube

"The novel has a marvelous sense of dread. The dread got so severe that I finally had to make a decision: set the novel aside or read it on one lump to the end. Of course, I opted to finish it. Marvelous book, dark and rewarding."

– Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Death by Polka by Robert Jeschonek

"Just finished reading this book which was very entertaining and enjoyable. Brought back so many memories of family, growing up and my Polish heritage. My husband and I actually broke out the polka music and reminisced about our childhoods, listening to live radio polka programs every weekend, the polka band at our wedding, etc. I really hope there will be a second book very soon in the polka town mystery as I look forward to following the antics of Lottie, Baba, Peg, Eddie Jr and all the other characters — and Ghost the kitty."

– MomD, Amazon Reviewer

Street Justice by Kris Nelscott

"Dalton's hard won small victory vividly illustrates a turbulent period of our recent cultural history."

– Publishers Weekly



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