The 2018 LGBT+ Bundle, curated by Melissa Scott: Last year, I asked the folks at StoryBundle if I could do a queer fantasy bundle to celebrate Pride. They were more than happy to oblige, so this year I'm back with another queer-themed bundle for Pride, this one focussed on science fiction. Once again, there was an embarrassment of riches: I found dozens of new queer stories and as many writers for whom intelligent, sensitive, nuanced, queer writing is simply their normal range. Once again, there was no easy way to winnow things down to a dozen books.

I don't claim that this is the (or even "a") definitive LGBT+ collection. The field is far too large now for anyone to claim that. What I can promise is that this is a celebration of queerness, a range of stories — gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and just plain queer — that shows off some of the best writers working in science fiction today.

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Eat Your Heart Out by Dayna Ingram

"...if you fancy a rip-roaring zombie action story where the girl gets the girl, written by an author who has a sense of humour and knows how to play the tropes of this subgenre with a virtuoso skill and invention, then Eat Your Heart Out is the book for you."

– Peter Tennant, Black Static

All Good Children by Dayna Ingram

"Ingram has invigorated the apocalyptic genre with a tightly woven story brimming with atmosphere. This novel is at once refreshing and thoughtful, and a great addition to the genre." -

– Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Railroad Spine by Geonn Cannon

"While this story wears the trappings of steampunk, it's no mere adventure tale ... there's a lot more going on under the surface: questions of freedom and rebellion and a fundamental belief in the power of knowledge. The story is well told and the characters are compelling. Join Dice Bodger on her journey of discovery; you won't regret it."

– Don Sakers, Analog Science Fact and Fiction

The Remnant Fleet by Geonn Cannon

"I love sci-fi and Cannon has created a diverse universe that is totally believable in the way that aliens interact with each other, along with all the prejudices and cultural misunderstandings that can occur between widely divergent peoples."

– Amy, Inked Rainbow Reads review

Smoketown by Tenea D. Johnson

"Smoketown isn't a romance novel or a typical action-oriented urban fantasy romp. It has elements of both, but it's more about the believable human emotions that endure through harsh climates and heartbreaks. I do not know what to expect when I pick this book up, but I'm completely satisfied with what I get out of it."

– Mrs. Giggles Reviews

Trouble and Her Friends by Melissa Scott

"Both excellent and thought-provoking"

– Analog

Sacred Band by Joseph D. Carriker, Jr.

"Before you know it, Sacred Band builds a new reality around you - rich, detailed, with a seductive, immersive vernacular, it crosses the globe with confident, queer themes in a world of new media, new magic, and new metahumans."

– Steve Orlando, author of Midnighter, Justice League America, and other DC greats

Worlds Afire by Don Sakers

"If John W. Campbell's Astounding Stories had been published in an LGBT-friendly era, this is the cover-story serial you'd have been waiting anxiously for each month. What a ride!"

– Robert J. Sawyer

Mighty Good Road by Melissa Scott

"Excellent, fast-paced adventure."

– Lambda Sci-Fi

Medusa's Touch by Emily L. Byrne

"Byrne's fluid writing brings this twisty sci-fi tale to life. She pulled me in at the very start and kept me turning pages until the end. Byrne has created a fascinating character in TiCara. I cheered her on whether she was piloting her ship with her Medusa tentacles or seducing her woman."

– Cheyenne Blue, Author and Editor

The Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron by A.C. Wise

"What Wise does in this book is build a deeply unconventional—though not unfamiliar, at least to those of us who are queer—chosen family. She pits them against a range of monsters disguised as comic and film tropes… or perhaps they're tropes disguised as monsters. There are times when the storytelling veers ever so slightly into metafiction. Like its unabashedly long title, The Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron Saves the World Again gives the reader so many things. It's your basic superhero-drag show-family drama-Fifties monster movie-bittersweet coming out story-archaeology adventure-political thriller-alien invasion-mash-up."


Cythera by Jo Graham

"Exciting and well written science fiction tale, Jo Graham deserves 5 big stars for this one…. The sensuality has far deeper purpose than titillation, with beautiful prose that is arousing in both a sexual and spiritual sense…. That Graham then takes her story into space, offering up sex scenes that are even more imaginative, melding mythos with fine science fiction world-building makes me want to buy a top hat so I can tip it towards her…. She combined some of the best elements of fantasy and science fiction in a short work, offering more depth than many other books that are three times the length. Tone, setting, and style are the most brilliant elements of this work. Throughout the tale, Graham challenges stereotypes about sexual orientation and cultural behavior without a whiff of preachiness."

– Rainbow Awards



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