The Expansive Futures Sci-Fi Bundle, curated by Amy DuBoff and the SFWA:

Since the early days of science fiction, authors have explored the future of humanity and what other life might be out there among the stars. From cybernetics to spaceships to alien contact, future-focused sci-fi lets us explore complex issues while escaping from everyday life. Eighteen diverse visions of Expansive Futures have been gathered in a special collection curated by SFWA members, now available in a limited-time bundle.

SFWA is an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting science fiction and fantasy writers in the United States and worldwide. Featuring award-winning authors and fresh new voices, the Expansive Futures StoryBundle is sure to please fans of futuristic sci-fi and space opera.

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Ganymede by Jason Taylor

"A wonderful and fascinating novel that I highly recommend."

– Sherri Moorer

The Cost of Survival by J.L. Stowers

"This book was awesome and read like an intense mystery, the way the truth reached out and grabbed me, almost unaware. Be sure to read the prequel short story to get the full impact! I look forward to the next installment of this saga."

– Amazon Review

The Stark Divide by J. Scott Coatsworth

"A science fiction novel with a classic premise that delivers drama, action, technology, and heart. I haven't felt this way after reading a sci-fi book since reading an Asimov or Heinlein novel. Coatsworth is to be congratulated for capturing the spirit of those writers and creating a new tale that will make readers look to the stars."

– Sci Fi Pulse

Two Suns at Sunset by Gene Doucette

"The world building here is fantastic. There are so many things that are simply mentioned in the way you would if you were familiar with them, though of course they are all new to the reader. It makes me want to know more about this world."

– Amazon Review

Claiming T-Mo by Eugen Bacon

"Claiming T-Mo is literate, imaginative, and provocative—a strong, even unforgettable, science fiction debut."

– Foreword Reviews

The Solar Sea by David Lee Summers

"This story follows the private space industry exploration of the Moon and becomes a kind of Voyage of the Beagle as the solar sail ship Aristarchus visits Mars, Jupiter, then Saturn and its giant moon Titan … Highly enjoyable read. Highly recommended."

– T. Jackson King, author of Battlestar and Star Glory

Eternity's End by Jeffrey A. Carver

"True love, cognitive dissonance, divisions among the enemy, ambitious schemes, another mission—this one deeper than anyone has ever gone before into the substrata of the Flux—and a final resolution that leaves the reader both breathless and satisfied."

– Analog

A Fall in Autumn by Michael G. Williams

"It's hard to enumerate all the things I loved about this book without heading into spoiler territory ... suffice it to say, the characters were very human — problematic, troubled, trying to do the right thing but not always getting it right (even the characters who aren't quite human.) the setting is richly drawn and imaginative; I was sucked right into the book from the first page. There are a few books I read every year that leave a lasting impression, and as I crack this open to read it for a second time, I have to say, this is one. Definitely recommend!"

– Rachel Brune

Knight Errant by Paul Barrett and Steve Murphy

"Well written. Engaging characters. You really start to care about the characters and what's happening. There's so much potential moving forward that I can't wait to get the next one."

– Gary Justen

Raptor by John G. Hartness

"Action-packed and able to be read in one night"

– Erin Penn

The Chiral Conspiracy by L.L. Richman

"Intricate, action-packed and ambitious.... Richman's style is fast-paced and accessible, with characters [that] are engaging and memorable"

– Publisher's Weekly BookLife Prize

Warrior Wench by Marie Andreas

"There is plenty of action, thrills and some humor in her new series, The Asarlaí Wars, as these mercenaries become reluctant sort-of heroes in the face of treachery and fanaticism. The launch book sets up this dangerous universe and fills it with amazing characters who are sure to grab reader's hearts and minds. This is going to be a very twisty and dangerous ride!"

– RT Book Reviews

Annihilation Aria by Michael R. Underwood

"This is a rollicking good time."

РPublishers Weekly 

Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet by Philip Harris

"The mood is very tongue-in-cheek yet deadly serious at the same time, making it a perfect blend of comedy, action, and drama… The serial style it emulates both matches the roller coaster flying by the seat of your pants feeling while also elevating the story above its source material. It perfectly captures the sense of wonder that Glitch experiences with each new situation he faces"

– Chris Fried, The Indie Athenaeum

Iron Truth by S.A. Tholin

"The sheer scope of what has been created is absolutely incredible. The universe is expansive and the characters memorable. Overall, I was blown away."

– Becky M,

When You Had Power by Susan Kaye Quinn

"A rich new world and thrilling take on the future with solarpunk and greenpunk themes. Highly recommended."

– Amazon Review

Exodus by T.S. Valmond

"This story keeps you interested with its diverse characters and end of the planet storyline. A good read."

– Amazon Review

The Hammer Falls by Travis Heermann

"Travis Heermann's THE HAMMER FALLS is a raucous, entertaining, action-packed riot. Like his characters, Heermann punches hard from beginning to end, a skilled storyteller who knows exactly what he's doing. THE HAMMER FALLS reads like pure pulp—but like Philip José Farmer, Dashiell Hammett, and the other pulp masters, Heermann brings real heart and depth to his characters. Amidst the heavy-hitting violence, there's care and comedy and endearing sacrifice. Do not miss this book."

– J.L. Forrest, author of the Songs at the End of the World series



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