The Summer Steampunk Bundle, curated by Anthea Sharp: Have you had the marvelous pleasure of reading Steampunk yet? Whether you're a long time fan or new to the genre, this is your chance! Melding alternate 19th century history, steam-powered or clockwork technology, elements of mystery, the paranormal, romance, science fiction, and fantasy, authors have a wonderful variety of elements to play with. As a result, some of the most innovative and immersive world building can be found within the Steampunk genre, and this StoryBundle is no exception.

I'm delighted to include in this collection some of the top names in Steampunk fiction, like award winners Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris, and Bec McMaster. USA Today bestsellers Jeannie Lin, Christine Pope, and SM Blooding write in a variety of genres, but bring their storytelling skills to the genre. And rounding out the bundle, you'll find indie favorites A.W. Exley, Sara C. Roethle, and Joseph Lewis, for a cornucopia of Steampunk stories exploring several sub-niches of the genre.

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Heart of the Kraken by A.W. Exley

"Filled with gadgets, magic, pirates and regulators, it was an action filled, intense drama that you must see play out to the very end."

– Amazon Review

Star Compass by Anthea Sharp

"A well-written story combining some of my favorite elements; steampunk, space travel, and a smart, strong heroine."

– Patsy Hennessey on Amazon

Golden Heart by Christine Pope

"If adventure has a name, it's Lavinia Greene. This book reminded me of those atmospheric Victoria Holt novels — you know the ones I mean — with their plucky heroines doing brave things. Throw in a quirky inventor, last-minute escapes, and a charismatic hero — and let's just say this gaslight fantasy floats my airship."

– Kat Parrish, author of Magic in the Blood

Gunpowder Alchemy by Jeannie Lin

"I was fascinated by the richly detailed setting — not just machinery, weapons and warfare, but culture, food, and dress — and the way that Victorian England was made strange by being narrated from Chinese characters' perspectives. Gunpowder Alchemy was a thrilling surprise in every way."

– Jessica Tripler, Book Riot

The Curious Case Of The Clockwork Menace by Bec McMaster

"The Curious Case of the Clockwork Menace is a wonderful whodunit mystery set in Bec McMaster's London Steampunk world.... I was riveted."

– Jen Twimom

Fall of Sky City - Finding the Sky Trilogy Book 1 by S.M. Blooding

"Welcome aboard! You are about to immerse yourself into the world of steampunk adventures and unique fantasy world building; sail the ships through expanse of cool, windy skies, and dive deep into the blue oceans where whole cities have flourished."

– Victoria (aka Zemfirka)

Clockwork Alchemist - The Thief's Apprentice Series Book 1 by Sara C. Roethle

"Love this book. It's different from anything I have read before. It's a great story, which feels ultra modern and very old fashioned at the same time."

– Amazon Reviewer

Wreck of the Frost Finch - Aetherium Book 0 by Joseph Robert Lewis

"A perfect blend of fantasy, history, mystery, mythology and heroines I would love for my daughter to look up to!"

– Gary H.

Assassins of the Steam Age - Aetherium Book 1 by Joseph Robert Lewis

"A masterful weave of multiple story lines...Lewis's characters leap off the page to run and jump through the imagination, the dialogue is tight, fast, real and peppered with witticism."

– Allan Douglas, The Write Stuff

Legend of the Skyfire Stone - Aetherium Book 2 by Joseph Robert Lewis

"Incredibly imaginative and fascinating. I particularly love the way the historical and factual is interwoven with the fantastical and fictional. Magnificently written!"

– Cassie McCown,



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