The WordFire Press Super Showcase Bundle, curated by Kevin J. Anderson:
In 2010, Rebecca and I launched WordFire Press as just a small company primarily to reissue some of my old out-of-print novels as eBooks, which were just starting to become popular. When that went well, some of my author friends asked if we would do the same with their backlist books, and our catalog really started to grow. We got some of Frank Herbert's classic novels, the political masterpieces by Allen Drury, then books by Tracy Hickman, Mike Resnick, Jody Lynn Nye, Mike Stackpole, Todd McCaffrey, and others. Alan Dean Foster gave us a new novel, and we started doing works by newer authors as well.

StoryBundle offered us a way to spotlight some of our books with this Super Spotlight, 17 different titles that highlight our range of titles and authors. You can get all 17 books for a minimum price of $15—but feel free to pay what you feel they're worth. The bundle only runs Dec 6-28.

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Death Wind by Travis Heerman and Jim Pinto

"In a thrilling novel that details the grotesque threads humans have woven into history, Heermann and Pinto skillfully illustrate what happens when hatred goes unchecked...A demented work of literary art."

– Robin Goodfellow

Away Games by Mike Resnick

"Nice collection of stories. Some were hysterically funny, some were thought provoking, but all were a great read. Highly recommended."

– Goodreads Review

Banshees by Mike Baron

"Heavy metal satanic band rises from the grave to destroy humanity. It doesn't get better than this. Very well written, fast paced and each chapter makes you want to read the next to find out what happened."

– Amazon Review

Monsterland by Michael Okon

"Very highly recommended for high school and community library YA Fiction collections, "Monsterland" showcases author Michael Okon's genuine flair for originality and deftly crafted fantasy fiction..."

– Midwest Book Review

First Chosen by M. Todd Gallowglas

"Tears of Rage is a fantastical gritty series about faith, dedication, fear, and perseverance. A tale for the times we are in, with realistic characters forced to face their own flaws that are just as dangerous as their enemies. Read it."

– Damon Stone, Fantasy Flight Games

A Fantastic Holiday Season by Kevin J. Anderson and Keith J. Olexa

"There are so many good stories in this collection. Yes, there are zombies, but also a steampunk and maybe a haunting or two and how about a weird western for good measure... It is a real sampler of treats. So get the book and have yourself a Happy Hollidays! No matter when you read this!"

– Amazon Review

Death Warmed Over by Kevin J. Anderson

"Master storyteller Kevin J. Anderson's Death Warmed Over is wickedly funny, deviously twisted and enormously satisfying. This is a big juicy bite of zombie goodness. Two decaying thumbs up!"

– Jonathan Maberry

Pack Dynamics by Julie Frost

"Wonderful fast-paced twist on the werewolf / vampire tale..."

– Amazon Review

The Crown and the Dragon by John D. Payne

"[F]ast-paced epic fantasy . . . If you're looking for the action and adventure of the Game of Thrones and don't want the blood and the nihilism, The Crown and the Dragon may be just the book for you."

– David J. Butler

Empty Rooms by Jeffrey J. Mariotte

"A taut, fast paced thriller that delivers in spades, a work of solid suspense, white knuckle twists, breakneck action and believable characters who are full fleshed and engagingly human. The duo of Krebs and Robey are a refreshing addition to the mystery scene and I look forward to reading more about them."

– Goodreads Review

Griffin's Feather by J.T. Evans

"A fine debut novel in the style of Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicles, but with a gritty noir feel that punched me right in the gut. Xerxes is now on my list as favorite sidekicks."

– Amazon Review

Indomitable by J.B. Garner

"Magnificent. Indomitable serves up the best of The Incredibles swirled into the reality bending wonder of Doctor Strange. One man transforms the world into a mad comic book with a self-reinforcing brainwash loop. Everywhere people wake up with supernatural powers while the new reality's seductive whispers guide them into their comic book roles."

– Amazon Review

Maximum Velocity by David Lee Summers

"Those glorious golden age sci-fi pulp magazines have now been reincarnated."

– Midwest Book Review, review of Space Pirates

She Murdered Me with Science by David Boop

"Boop goes beyond the usual suspects when the conspiracy is uncovered for an interesting alternative history twist. There's nonstop action showing a love for private eyes, mad scientists and blues music."

– The Denver Post

The Fly Guy by Colum Sanson-Regan

"We are presented with the lives of multiple people from different worlds that intersect, bringing chaos to their creator. The Fly Guy is a gripping novel that will keep you unsure until the very end."

– Buzz Magazine UK  - Book of the Month

Lady Sherlock by Brooks Arthur Wachtel

"LADY SHERLOCK introduces an exciting new character to the world of Conan Doyle's Holmes. Lady Natasha Dorrington has the smarts, the physical capability and speedy reactions of a modern "karate artist detective," but she's doing it in 1906 London. And Scotland. This is a fast-moving, cleverly written mystery adventure with plot twists and characters who will keep you turning the pages to its rewarding end."

– D.C. Fontana  (Star Trek)

Dandelion Iron: The Juniper Wars Book 1 by Aaron Michael Ritchie

"… richly drawn, beautifully complex characters …"

– Kirkus Reviews



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