The SFWA Fantasy Bundle, curated by Cat Rambo: This second bundle of the year draws from SFWA's fantasy authors, showing a full spectrum of possibilities including magic iPhones, steampunk heroes, mysterious apartments, self-resurrecting secret agents, ancient magic, and epic battles. I'm always amazed at the wealth of talent displayed by my fellow SFWA members. In its fifty-plus years, the organization has grown to encompass many of the best talents working in the fantasy field today. Reading through the submissions was a great pleasure, but also involved the torment of choosing.

Some of the proceeds of the bundle go to support SFWA in its mission to support, promote, inform, defend, and advocate for professional fantasy and science fiction writers. For more about the organization, see

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The Dashkova Memoirs: Books 1-4 by Thomas K. Carpenter

"'Revolutionary Magic' is a combination of things—alternative history, steampunk and an almost Cthulhu-esque sort of urban fantasy."

– Amazon Review

The Winter Boy by Sally Wiener Grotta

"An amazing, tour-de-force literary work completely unlike anything I have ever read…. People will be studying and talking about The Winter Boy for years to come."

– Wendy Delmater Thies, Abyss and Apex Magazine

The Garden of Abracadabra by Lisa Mason

"So refreshing! This is Stephanie Plum in the world of Harry Potter."

– Goodreads

The Moon Etherium by L. Rowyn

"TME has wonderful characters, plot, structure, dialogue. But what I linger over most is that delightful sense of being somewhere else. Because Rowyn has created a post-scarcity world powered by limitless magic and somehow made that believable while also giving me upside-down palaces set in non-Euclidean cities. And then populated it with people who can switch shapes and genders and looks like they're changing clothing and somehow made that work too."

– M.C.A. Hogarth

Black Angel by Kyell Gold

"a powerful mixture of spiritualism, drugs, and adolescent angst, shifting between centuries and societies."

– Fred Patten, Dogpatch Press

Shadows in the Water by Kory M. Shrum

"Shrum's tale is bolstered by an undeniably resilient protagonist. Lou's smart and adept…and her gift makes her a formidable opponent to her enemies…an indelible protagonist"

– Kirkus Reviews

Sorcerous Moons - Book 1 - Lonen's War by Jeffe Kennedy

"If you like stories of overlooked princesses coming into their own in spite of withering expectations, you will love Lonen's War. Likewise if you enjoy epic fantasy with lots of political skullduggery, ( like The Goblin Emperor and Sorcerer to the Crown) because this book certainly fills that bill as well."

– Reading Reality

Cracked: A Magic iPhone Story by Janine A. Southard

"Captivatingly authentic... Particularly entertaining and interesting are the forays into the story gaming world, where the gaming part counted as a respectably nerdy pursuit, and the story part counted as creative ... Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story provides an insider view of Seattle, its denizens, and some of their various activities and belief systems, that contribute to its unique culture. It's a fun read in a much too serious world."

– Sandy McDow, Chanticleer Book Reviews

Stay Crazy by Erica L. Satifka

"Had Philip K. Dick lived through riot grrrl and the collapse of the American industrial economy, Stay Crazy would be his memoir. Erica Satifka is a prophet."

– Nick Mamatas, author of Sensation and I Am Providence

The High House by James Stoddard

"A voice of intelligence and amazing literary power. Remarkable."

– R. A. Salvatore, author of the DemonWars series

The Wolf at the End of the World by Douglas Smith

"An immersive and enjoyable reading experience. Readers will delight in learning more about Native American mythology, which is skillfully woven throughout the story. Smith's novel is both well paced and deftly plotted—leaving readers curious about what comes next for the Heroka in the modern world."

– Publishers Weekly

Off Leash by Daniel Potter

"Consistently entertaining, slightly silly, and all around light-hearted tongue-in-cheek fun...though not entirely devoid of grimness!"

РLaura M. Hughes,



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