The Epic Fantasy Bundle (2015) is back. Our curator Kevin J. Anderson has assembled 12 more epic fantasy books by award winning and bestselling authors that we're sure you'll love as much as you loved the first Epic Fantasy bundle last year. As a special bonus for everyone who's subscribed for the newsletter, we have a sneak preview of Clockwork Lives - The Bookseller's Tale by Kevin J. Anderson and Rush drummer Neil Peart. The bundle and free preview are available for three weeks only!

Read our blog post to have our curator tell you more about how he assembled the bundle, and don't forget you can also click on each book cover to read reviews, a preview and a personal note from the curator about the book.



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One Horn to Rule Them All by Todd McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye, Mary Pletsch & More!

"A great collection of original's the range and the delivery of such ideas that makes this collection so endearing. There are so many different flavors here spanning multiple genres, different voices, tones and themes. The authors' creativity matches their skill, and every tale is a unique spin through a magical world. Impressive and enjoyable!"

– Author David Sakmyster

Beasts of Tabat by Cat Rambo

"Cat Rambo is a genuinely gifted writer, and Tabat is one of the most imaginative fantasy worlds I've visited in years. You should buy this book right now."

– - Saladin Ahmed, author of Throne of the Crescent Moon

The Magic Touch by Jody Lynn Nye

"Jody Lynn Nye's irrepressible humor makes this story a delight… One of those ideas I wish I'd had."

– Christopher Stasheff, author of The Warlock In Spite of Himself

The Crown and the Dragon by John D. Payne

"It is well written, really well thought out, and engaging...The story is solid, the dialogue is extremely well executed, and the action in fun and fast paced."

– Bibliophile

Gamearth - Book 1 by Kevin J. Anderson

"Are you a table top gamer? If so you need to read this series."

– Amazon Review

Hard times in Dragon City (Shotguns & Sorcery #1) by Matt Forbeck

"The entire setup is "Chandler meets Tolkien," and I was in love with the premise of a hard-bitten investigator in a fantasy noir world. And the first book is a lot like that. But then, around book two, the story starts to slide into a more traditional fantasy tale, and by the time you're into End Times in Dragon City, it's a full-on fantasy adventure."

Eddy Webb

Glamour of the God-Touched by Ron Collins

"The beginning of an epic fantasy that looks set to develop into a fantastic series!"

The Bibliophile Chronicles

A Stranger to Command by Sherwood Smith

"...the wisdom of character found in this one is original and edifying enough to make it extraordinary."

Goodreads Review

Ghosts of the Conquered by Matthew Caine

"Savile has a flair for finding beauty in the macabre."

– Guardian (UK)

The Alchemist by Paolo Bacigalupi

"...charming, lyrically written, and thematically rich."

– Publisher's Weekly

The Executioness by Tobias S. Buckell

"...fantasy fans will love the story's lush narrative and Buckell's endearing andĀ unconventional heroine."

– Publisher's Weekly



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