The 2020 Truly Epic Fantasy Bundle - Curated by Kevin J. Anderson: It's Truly Epic, 2020!

Even in a pandemic, you can still go on an epic quest in your imagination. Your travel companions can stay socially distant as they charge across fantastic landscapes and battle dragons or mythic monsters…all while you stay safe at home with your e-reader.

I've curated a Truly Epic Fantasy StoryBundle, with thirteen legendary stories of swords, dragons, wizards, maps, and everything else you need for your quest. You name your own price, a portion of the proceeds goes to a good cause, and you support indie authors. One StoryBundle to rule them all!

Read more about the 13 books in the bundle here, and make sure to click on each cover for a synopsis, reviews and preview of each book!



  • Authors Support awesome authors by paying however much you think their work is worth!
  • Bonus_big Pay at least $15 to unlock another nine books, for thirteen total!
  • Computers Read all our books on just about any tablet, ereader, laptop or
    even your smartphone.


The Renegade Apprentice by Andy Peloquin

"A place of learning, learning to stay alive. Outstanding book about life, learning and staying alive. Follow the young hero as he learns that life is all about survival and protection."

– Amazon Review

Dragon Rider by Jada Fisher

"Fisher has crafted an interesting world with dragons and riders and magic melded into a marvelous whole. Excellent read and the rest of the series is amazing!"

– Amazon Review

Dragon's Fury by Brian D. Meeks

"Brian Meeks uses the clever strategy of keeping the dragon "off-camera" for much of the story and instead focusing on the impact the creature has upon the book's world and characters. This adds intriguing layers to both those elements of the story and expertly builds tension until the big showdown in the final chapters."

– Amazon Review

Of Shadows and Blood by J.T. Williams

"Words do not and cannot do this book justice!!! You think you might know what will happen next or where the story is going, but you have no idea! J.T. Williams has truly out done himself with Of Shadows and Blood"

– Aaron Matheson, Amazon Reviewer

Obstacles by Ryan English

"I literally stayed up until 1 am to finish because I HAD to see how this thing ended. I have been recommending it to everyone I know and just hope that they enjoy it as much as I did and look forward to Androkles further Acts!"

– Amazon Review

Knight of Flame by Scott Eder

"In Knight of Flame Scott re-imagines traditional fantasy and forges something new from old metal—a fast-paced thriller that delivers a healthy dose of wonder. As enjoyable as it is engrossing."

– David Farland, International Best-Selling Author of The Runelords

The Wandering Warriors by Alan Smale and Rick Wilber

"The tales are united in their whimsy and grit, making this a rousing series of adventures."

– Publishers Weekly

X Marks the Spot by Lisa Mangum

"A quick new adventure with every story. Exactly what I was hoping it was. Great read."

– Amazon Review

Through a Dragon's Eyes by Marissa Farrar

"It grabs hold and gets you wrapped up to see what happens. I can't wait to read the next book!"

– Amazon Review

Writers of the Future Volume 34 by David Farland

"Expertly crafted and edited stories and art, running the gamut from humorous to bone-chilling. Speculative fiction is interspersed with essays on the crafts of writing and illustrations from the field's luminaries. Each piece of art embraces the story it accompanies to create a harmonious whole. This inspired, well-rounded anthology has a little something for everyone."

– Publishers Weekly Starred Review

The Fifth Interdictor by D.H. Dunn

"Once I started reading The Fifth Interdictor I couldn't stop.Brilliantly written and keeps you hooked from start to finish."

– Amazon Review

Rise of a Sky Pirate by L. L. McNeil

"LL McNeil's prose is immensely readable and flows beautifully, making this a short, pleasurable read. Rise of a Sky Pirate offers non-stop action and will be a treat for all fans of the series."

– Amazon Review



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Pay what you want! You choose how much you want to pay for these awesome books. (Click on each book above to check them out.) You decide how much of your purchase goes to the author and how much goes to help keep StoryBundle running. If your purchase price is $15 or more, you get NINE more books: Dragon Rider by Jada Fisher, Of Shadows and Blood by J.T. Williams, Unbreakable Fury by Kevin McLaughlin (StoryBundle Exclusive!), Knight of Flame by Scott Eder, The Wandering Warriors by Alan Smale and Rick Wilber, Through a Dragon's Eyes by Marissa Farrar, Writers of the Future Volume 34 by David Farland, The Fifth Interdictor by D.H. Dunn and Rise of a Sky Pirate by L. L. McNeil!

Zero DRM. There's no DRM on any of our books. None. Why? For one, we don't believe DRM actually stops people from sharing what they want to share. Second, and most importantly, we don't believe we should be treating our customers as criminals. So go ahead and put these on your tablets, Kindles and smartphones, but if a friend wants to read the bundle, please have them buy one for themselves. With pay-what-you-want, we believe there's a price for everyone. Or better yet, buy one for them as a gift. Help support indie authors!

Support nonprofits. Best of all, you can also give a portion of the proceeds from each bundle to charity. To learn more about these charities and those they help, click the "Learn More" link next the charities when you purchase.

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