Welcome to our Weird Western Bundle, where wide frontiers, flintlocks, whiskey and revenge meet swords, airships, terraforming, magic, myths, and dragons. You'll find stories here set in the snows of old Alaska and the heat of contemporary Arizona, post-Civil War San Francisco and post-colonization planets, and places the seem as familiar as any wooded mountain or wind-swept desert... until tigers and dragons and horses that are so much more than you might assume burst into the scene. The different aspects of the Weird Western spirit in this bundle will give fans of the genre something they haven't seen before, and folks new to Weird Westerns a wide sampling of its fantastic offerings.

I was raised on a combination of SFF and Westerns. Star Trek and Gunsmoke, Asimov and L'Amour, Lonesome Dove and Battlestar Galactica. I was just as thrilled to shake the hand of Hugh O'Brian of Wyatt Earp fame as I was to meet Katherine Kurtz, author of the Deryni world. It's been a joy discovering more writers combining the genres, raising their unique voices, and upsetting the familiar with the fantastic. The result is a Western setting that respects history and the people who created it while spinning in unique powers, esoteric challenges, and the terrifying magic of discovery. – Blair MacGregor

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Hexslinger Vol. 1: A Book of Tongues by Gemma Files

"This book picked some TNT, struck the match and stuffed it in my skull. It blew my mind. Her prose is pure creative opium and aphrodisiac. You must have more and more."

– The Book Smugglers

Haxan by Kenneth Mark Hoover

"In the Haxan series, Kenneth Mark Hoover is recreating the Old West. Or rather he would be, if the Old West was equal parts Gunsmoke and John Brunner's Traveler in Black. Marshal John T. Marwood is the sort of man who is in the right place and the right time, and that's no coincidence. The town of Haxan, New Mexico is a town constantly dealing with threats both human and supernatural and they need someone like Marwood who is at once human and something more. Or in Marwood's own words, 'We go where we're sent. We have names and we stand against that which must be faced.' Haxan is more than a town, it is a potential, a turning point, a possibility, and some possibilities are better than others, and some are worse. Much, much worse. With little more than his badge and a Colt Dragoon, John T. Marwood is there to keep that from happening. Fans of the western and dark fantasy alike should give this series a serious look."

– Richard Parks

Dead West Vol 1.: West of Pale by J Patrick Allen

"Van Helsing in the Old West. The X-Files in 1871. Mr. Allen captured the feel and incorporated all the classic elements. The Germanic myth is neatly stitched to 19th century America, creating a fun, well-paced, enjoyable book."

– Amazon Review

Idyll by James Derry

"It's rare that a book gives me chills. This one did."

– Sunshine Somerville

Spellsinger by Joseph J. Bailey

"A magical gunslinger hunting a dragon in a world with similarities to the Old West, with elements of both science fiction and fantasy. What King's "The Gunslinger" should have been."

– Kyra Halland

Daughter of the Wildings Book. 1: Beneath the Canyons by Kyra Halland

"What could possibly improve a good old-fashioned western? Why, a little magic, that's what. Yes, folks, what we have here is a western/fantasy mash-up, complete with horses tied up outside the saloon, gambling and whoring inside, and gunfights in the street, but some of the people wearing the big hats are mages, and the mining going on in the hills is digging up something a lot more powerful than gold. And is it fun? You betcha."

– Pauline M. Ross

The Flash Gold Chronicles I-III by Lindsay Buroker

"With strong female characters being so hard to come by in science fiction, the series as a whole is a big breath of fresh air. Kali is an instantly likable heroine, with great depth of character considering the brevity of the first two novellas and the extraordinarily high amount of action in each. Hunted is definitely worthwhile reading, and shows how talented Lindsay Buroker really is."

– Android Dreamer Science Fiction & Fantasy Website

New World Book 2: Hair of the Bear by Steven W. White

“Just as richly detailed, brutal and captivating as the first book.” – Amazon Review

New World by Steven W. White

"What if Lewis and Clark stumbled into this version of the West?"

– Author Pendelton Wallace



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